Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Round Robin Quilts with the Sunday Sew & Sews

 Several months ago, eight of the Sunday Sew & Sews decided to do a Round Robin project. Each person made a center block, gathered fabrics they liked with it, and passed theirs on to another participant for her to add to. There were  two groups of four so the quilts wouldn't become king-size--which could have happened if all 8 had worked on each quilt.

I have written before about this process and given tips for success here:

How to Organize a Round Robin

Here are the tops as they were returned to their owners. Some will be declared "Done!" by the owner and some will be expanded--each person gets to decide. In no particular order: 

Pam E





Pam R with hers


Mine--I want to expand this as I love it

This was a fun project. Everyone loved their quilt and each was surprised with what was done to theirs. All are so different. And each person had to figure out what to add and how to accomplish their chosen design. This is a great exercise for those who typically follow patterns. You get to make creative decisions on your own and stretch yourself as a a quiltmaker.

Let's quilt.



  1. What fun to see all the different styles of medallions!

  2. Absolutely amazing how different they all are.

  3. Wow! How fun are these round robin quilts?!?! They are all just beautiful.

  4. I’m in a round robin now (my first). Challenging sewing for someone else but fun too.