Sunday, December 12, 2021

Sam's "I Spy" Quilt

 My 3 year old grandson, Sam, recently moved from the crib to a "big boy bed" and he is so proud! His mother asked me if I was going to make him a quilt like I did his big sister, Stella. Well, YES, I am. So I knew I better get started.

Presenting the finished quilt to Sam--Spiderman is his current favorite block:

I wanted it to be an "I Spy" quilt--one with lots of figures he could search for. But I only needed a 3.5" square of each of those fabrics and didn't have more than a few that would work. So I searched Etsy for I Spy Charm packs and found several offerings. Most had 5"squares and that's fine. I ordered two packs, they were exactly the same, so I had 80 squares to choose from.

Log Cabin blocks were perfect since I could put the 3.5" square in the center and cut 2" strips for the light and dark logs. The strip fabrics I bought for Sam's quilt two years ago!

Sam came to visit while I was working on it and he loved it! He kept asking "BB, is this for ME?!" Yes, Sam, it is. He woke up from a nap to find the top all done:

The quilting was fun and easy to do, loop-de-loops on the log cabins, ruler work and free-motion wishbones on the border. And I quilted a large heart on each of the 3" center squares to secure them:

The border: 

Here it is all washed, dried and snuggly:

Sam picked the back fabric--cats--and I just had to enlarge it to fit: 

Every quilt needs a label:

Stella's quilt was much larger. I wrote about it Here  And her label:

I love making quilts for my grands. Wonder what I'll do next? 

Let's quilt.



  1. So wonderful that your grandson appreciates the quilt as much as he does. An Ispy is a perfect choice.

  2. I also have a grandson that just got a big boy bed. Of course! The grandma's who quilt MUST make that big boy bed quilt. Love your idea! I'm making a scrappy quilt in 30s fabrics for mine.

  3. I love the choice of bright colors in the log cabin strips; they give so much movement and vibrancy! A great quilt!