Sunday, December 19, 2021

Antique Quilts #1

 I'll show a few of my antique quilt collection over the next few posts.

This one usually gets shown at this time of year. I found it at a "trade day" sale years ago. The price was really low and the condition is great. The handquilting is beautiful. One of my most favorite antique quilts: 

Upon closer inspection at home, I saw a handquilted letter "W". My husband's last name is Wilkins so it was meant to be: 


Then I found a handquilted dragonfly motif--my favorite insect and one I collect images of.  This quilt had found the right person to love and care for it: 

Look at that lovely quilting: 

This one only comes out at Christmas time, to display on the unused guest bed. A real treasuure.

Let's quilt.



  1. Thanks for sharing photos of this beautiful quilt again. Since I first saw it on your blog last year, reproducing it (even the hand quilting!)has been on my “to do” list, but I haven’t managed to get to it yet. Maybe this year….🙂🤞!

  2. Certainly a beauty! I love that you found the "hidden" quilted treasures among the many stitches.

  3. Wow--very festive, and such a treasure. I can't believe the little stitching designs that truly show it was meant to be yours!