Wednesday, September 14, 2022


 While I am away teaching in South Alabama, it is time to remind my local friends of the classes I am offering at home this Fall. 

These won't be offered again locally for several years, if ever, so I encourage you to take any of them now if you are interested. Local classes allow you to sleep in your own bed and experience what students all over the country get from my in-person classes. And cost a lot less than if you take them from me at a big show.

For Beginners:

Start Quilting--Soup to Nuts Southern Charm Quilting

Quiltmaking 101  Patches & Stitches   this is the last time I will teach this class at night--all new class coming in January

For those who love their fabric:

Two-For-One  Southern Charm Quilting this is a "Doritos quilt"--many people can't stop at one

For those who love to piece AND learn a great trick for Y-seams:

Antique Rose Star  Patches & Stitches  one of my most favorite quilts to make AND teach

For those who want an easy quilt that looks more complex:

Blueberry Hill  Southern Charm Quilting  This is the ONLY time this class will ever be taught

Sign up today so you don't miss out. I look forward to seeing you in class.

Let's quilt.


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