Friday, April 19, 2024


This is a SPECIAL EDITION of my blog with timely news you might enjoy:

The news is out! My story of how I lost 110 pounds is featured in an upcoming issue of Woman’s World magazine. The April 29, 2024 issue hits newsstands very soon for just one week. 

Here are teaser photos of the issue:

My son, professional photographer Joshua Black Wilkins, was the photographer, hired by the magazine. Hair and makeup was done by the incomparable Chelsea Thompson. I felt like a model and the images are superb.

Here are some “behind the scenes” shots my husband took at the recent photo shoot in Joshua’s studio in Nashville TN:

The clothes had to be approved in advance. We were sent suggested poses which is why I seem to have “attitude” in some of these shots. 

The article is online: Woman’s World magazine

The article is very well written, it is easy to understand the health/nutrition information being discussed. The quotations are close enough to what I actually said and it’s all true so I am happy with the final product. They included several things I really wanted included and nothing I didn’t. And there is even a link to my August 20, 2023 blogpost “How I Lost 100 Pounds” in tiny letters at the bottom of the page.

When we finished the photo shoot for the magazine, we hung “Garden Party Down Under” as a backdrop for some professional quiltmaker images. I am thrilled with the amazing job my son did, he really knows his stuff!

If I ever write that book, I have my book jacket photo ready.

It was a thrilling experience I will never forget. When I saw the first images I said to my son “Wow! Those are beautiful. It looks nothing like me.” He said “Mom, that is EXACTLY how you look.” Good boy. 

Look for the issue at local supermarkets/booksellers or, perhaps, online. 

Now, let’s quilt.



  1. Proud of you Barbara and looking forward to getting the magazine. It’s so hard to stay consistent but you’re doing it and inspiring me!

  2. As someone who has struggled with my weight my whole life, Im so impressed! Your story of commitment and discipline is amazing and....encouraging! Congratulations!!

  3. So. Cool! Congrats on it all - the weight, the son, the article, the life you lead.

  4. Can I have your autograph? Lol. That’s awesome! You look great! Your lovely energy is leaping through loud and clear.

  5. Congratulations! You look amazing!

  6. As one who has watched your weight loss first hand my jaw still drops when I see your picture. This might top your quilting journey that has been exceptional. Congratulations!!

  7. I'm so Happy for you!! What an inspiration!

  8. I'm so proud to be your friend!! Congratulations!!

  9. Thanks for sharing—-I love your writing about life and quilts!

  10. Congratulations all around! You look great! How exciting!

  11. What a terrific recognition for your hard work, diligence and dedication to a healthy YOU! You continue to inspire.

  12. such a great story - fabulous photos - and your smile shows how happy you are :) congratulations !

  13. AWESOME! You inspire me to try again.