Monday, March 21, 2016

Special Delivery: Free Quilter Tool

It's new phone book time in my neighborhood--the time when a FREE quilter tool is dropped off at my front door:

FREE paper to use for string piecing--how great is that?!

The ink does not rub off on the fabrics or the iron.  Use a DRY iron, no steam, when pressing, so the paper doesn't crinkle.  See My Tutorial on String piecing here.

Make use of your smallest bits, those fabric leftovers you don't want to throw out, crumbs and strings, to make easy, scrappy quilts.  I'll be teaching the String Pieced Lemoyne Star at International Quilt Festival Chicago in 3 weeks at our free Open Studios demo classes.  People are amazed with this tool they didn't know they had.

Some day in the not-too-distant future, we won't get phone books anymore so I have been saving them for several years, collecting them from my office, etc.  This year's version is half the size of last years--residential numbers are NOT INCLUDED--a link to a website is provided should you want to look up a residential number.  The writing is on the wall, eventually no more phone books.

Just a tip for my quilter friends--don't throw out this free tool you were given--you might want it someday.

Let's quilt!



  1. A string quilt is on my list of 2016 quilts to make!!

  2. Oh, dear. One more thing I have to stockpile. Love string piecing.

    1. LOL--I have to fight my husband for these--he wants to throw everything away that isn't nailed down. I hide them in my studio and told him I NEED them.