Sunday, December 6, 2015

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Here's my annual Antique Quilt photo--this is the treasure I found some years ago at a Trade-Day sale in Scottsboro, AL:

Feathered Wreath with Heart motif quilted in all green squares

A "W" quilted in one area--my husband's last name is Wilkins

A Dragonfly quilted in one area--I am  a Dragonfly fan

In keeping with the Spirit of Giving, I've been clearing away some clutter and have given a dozen small quilts away this week.  Class samples I won't use again, small wallhangings, pieces I know I don't need or want any more.  Some went to guild members who stopped over to pick up something else, some went to people who attended my husband's retirement party yesterday, women he has enjoyed working with over the years.  It was the first time they met me and were surprised and happy to be given a small quilt.  It was fun to give my work away and make a little more room in the closet.  It also gives me "permission " to keep making more quilts--like I really need that permission right?  

Let's Quilt!



  1. How cool that your quilty find had little special motifs quilted in it just for you! And Barbara . . . you progressive you! ;)

  2. Love that antique! The color is so vibrant!!
    How fun to play a bit of Santa. :)

  3. I love the antique green quilt. Green is my favorite color. How generous of you to give quilts away. What a great holidays gesture :)

  4. Love your antique holiday quilt. The colors are awesome.

  5. What a cheerful holiday treat!
    I'll bet the women were thrilled to receive a little quilt from you!

  6. Great Christmas quilt. Wise and generous of you to share your quilts with others and make more room in your cosets