Thursday, December 3, 2015

Machine Binding

At the retreat a few weeks ago I saw again how to apply a binding completely by machine.  While I enjoy binding by hand, there are those quilts that just need to get done and don't have to have "heirloom quality" bindings:

Two small quilts made from 3"paper-pieced blocks

Detail shot of 2 of the corners--the next ones will be better but you get the idea.

Country Roads quilt-a-long from Lori at Humble Quilts.

So, bearing in mind that "finished is better than perfect", I'm happy to have these done.  Now to finish quilting the baby quilt so I can do that binding by machine too.

The process and binding tool I used came from Franklin Quilt Company.  Thanks, Kathy and Kay, for the tool and hands-on instruction!  They have a video to help you see the process too.  The tool also comes with detailed instructions with photos and also shows how to make a Two-Sided Binding, different fabrics on each side of the quilt.  Check out their video at the link above for more information.   I just have to adjust my edge trimming when I have a design that finishes precisely at the edge of the quilt, so the flange doesn't cover up the outside points.  I don't do that very often because it's more difficult but sometimes a quilt deserves a little extra work.

Let's Quilt!



  1. I've tried machine binding a few times and am never happy with it. I'll stick to what I know and do a decent job at.

  2. Such cute little quilts. Love those tiny blocks!
    I can't catch on to the machine binding, either. Would be nice to finish a binding quickly, when needed.
    I like your use of different golds in Country Roads.