Friday, December 11, 2015

Before and After

Here is the baby quilt I made last week BEFORE washing:

The batting I used is Fusi-Boo, a fusible bamboo, and the package instructions recommended washing before using the finished quilt.  That seemed wise, particularly on a baby quilt, so I did.

Here is the quilt AFTER washing and drying:

 I expected a bit more puckering after washing/drying, but this looks fine to me.

Detail shot of the best quilting.   I like this simple swirl I came up with and hope to improve the center area where the swirls cross on the next quilt.

The hardest thing for me with the free-motion quilting, currently, is choosing how/what designs to use on each project/area.  As I get a few good designs under my belt, I think that will get easier to decide.  The baby won't care...

Let's Quilt!



  1. A beautiful colourful quilt for a little one and I love your text fabrics.

  2. A super cute and bright quilt for a new baby. Your quilting designs look great along with the variegated thread.

  3. I hear you about the dilemma about quilting designs. . .ah. . .if the choices weren't so great! Your baby quilt looks terrific!--Terry