Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Small Group Forming and Why You Should Join The Quilt Show

For all my local folks, I'm starting a small group, about 12 people, who want to work on the 2017 Block of the Month pattern from www.thequiltshow.com, designed by the incredibly talented Sue Garman:

Find information about this quilt at The Quilt Show.  

You have to be a paid member of The Quilt Show, the cost is $42.95 for a one year subscription.  This cost includes everything offered on the site, all the shows, a new one is released every two weeks, many videos on tips and techniques, great instruction from many well-known quilt teachers, a terrific forum where you can learn so many things from so many people, and so much more. This Block of the Month pattern alone will cost more than $70 when it is available to purchase alone, in 2018.

If you join now, before January 1, 2017, you will ALSO have access to the 2016 Block of the Month Rajah Revisited, which I have been working on:

Almost Done, last borders still to go

You need to save or print all 12 of the monthly Rajah instructions BEFORE January 1, 2017 because they will disappear then.  

I often say that if I had to severely limit the money I spend on quilting the very last things I would give up are:  my Membership to my local guild, and my Membership to www.thequiltshow.com, my Worldwide guild. I have good friends in each of these groups and I learn SO much from both.  Recently, I received this email from a friend/student who has heard me preach the value of TQS for years:

I finally joined TQS, mainly for the BOM, and have been watching videos. I LOVE it! Wish I had done it years ago.

Just watched Sally Collins on precision piecing and she is amazing. She made templates too.

Thanks so much for the tip about TQS!

You can sign up for Free as a Basic member to see all the things available on the site but you want to sign up as a Star Member to have access to all the goodness, the shows and this Block of the Month.  To join as a Star Member, go Here.

Want to use different fabrics/colors?  Here is what I've just pulled from my closet:

There are about 12 yards of various taupe/light tan fabrics for background, a dark purple for the narrow borders, a Jacobean-style print for the focus fabric, two turquoises, two purples, four greens.  I may also dig in my fat quarter bins for the turquoise and purple to add even more variety.  It's your quilt, do what you want!

Back to my Small Group:

We will meet at my house one Sunday a month, 1-3 p.m.
You can bring your machine to sew if you like but it's not necessary
We will discuss the hows and whys of Sue's instructions
We will discuss fabric selection if you are not using the Kit--I am not, I'm shopping in my closet
There is no cost--just bring your printed set of instructions for that month

If you are interested in joining this small group, please let me know right away as space is limited and join TQS now so you are ready to receive your first set of patterns January 1, 2017.  You will learn so much from this quilt, things you will use in your future quilts as well.  While it looks complicated, we'll take it one step at a time and you can stop whenever you decide your quilt is "done".  See why this is called a No-UFO quilt pattern.

Let's Quilt!



  1. How fun! Wish I lived in your state.

  2. What a fabulous plan! Hmmm JoJo and I live near one another. . .maybe we should follow suit and form a small group.

  3. By joining The Quilt Show, the pattern for the BOM is FREE, along with monthly videos demonstrating the particular technique that is featured as you make the quilt. I have been a member for ten years, since it's inception. It only gets better and better! By the way, you can also purchase the entire kit of fabrics for the BOM. Join now.

  4. How I wish I lived near you! I'd love to join your group. This BOM looks so beautiful, and totally achievable even for my level of quilting expertise, which is pretty low! Hope you blog about the groups major discoveries and share what colors everyone is using. Right now, my plan is to use the 3 Sisters springy colors from Paris Flea Market, Printemps, etc, along with some of the rich reds they've thrown into those lines.

    1. I will definitely blog about our progress. Step 1 will be fabric selection, something many quilters struggle with. I pulled mine from the closet in less than 30 minutes.

  5. I agree with momto1...I hope you will blog about the discoveries from your group. I just joined at the Quilt Show and hope to learn from you as well.

  6. Thank you so much Barbara and everyone. We so appreciate all the support from you. Sue really gifted us this year with her talents said with a grateful heart of gratitude. Alex