Thursday, December 8, 2016

Cleaning Up Leftovers and a Sneak Peek

After finishing Rajah Revisited:

Rajah Revisited

and Circa 2016:

Circa 2016 
 I have a big pile of leftover pieces, not really yardage, but chunks of many different fabrics, which were used or considered for both of those quilts:

To tame the chaos I decided to cut up all the chunks, the stuff not big enough to be folded and returned to bins in the closet, cutting into sizes I need for two or three ongoing projects.

First, I need more triangles cut for my Lifetime Quilt:

These require strips 1.75" wide and I use a Half-Square Triangle ruler to cut the pairs which finish as 1.25" squares.  More info on my process is here.  Some of the strips cut so far:

Then I decided to cut 1.25" strips for an eventual Log Cabin quilt, with blocks that finish at 5.25":

 AND, I decided to create a quilt for an upcoming Sew-A-Long that will begin in January 2017.  It will be a Teaching Tutorial, with 5 weekly posts that will take you from start to finish and teach things like:

How to Select Scrappy Fabrics OR Not So Scrappy
How to Perfect  Your Piecing
How to Make Two Different Blocks
How to Make an On-Point Setting
How to Float Your Blocks at the Border
How to Accurately Cut and Sew on Borders
How to Apply Binding for Hand or Machine Finishing

Here is your Sneak Peek:

Mine is 33" x 42",  but you can make yours smaller or larger, adjusting borders as you choose.  I guess it's the time of year that this one looks so Christmas-y.  I'll make another for step-by-step photos that will be completely different.  I hope you like it and will plan to join us in January 2017.

Having fabrics cut and ready for various projects is one of the ways I manage to get things done.  If I had to stop and prepare fabrics before I could sew, each time I wanted to sew, it would take a lot longer.  Because the fabrics are ready NOW, I can make use of even short amounts of time, sewing, not cutting or planning.  We'll talk more about those kind of tricks in 2017 too.

Let's Quilt!



  1. Looks like beautiful medallion quilts have been the focus in your sewing room lately.
    And you have two very glorious scrap projects for the leftovers!
    Looks like a great little quilt for a lot of teaching moments. You are good to share your knowledge!

  2. The medallion quilts are lovely!

  3. I love seeing what's happening in your sewing room!

  4. I'm WAY excited about your upcoming Sew Along! My goal for next year is to make enough Christmas quilts to fill my display ladder - I don't have ANY right now so I'm looking forward to it!