Sunday, December 16, 2018

Studio Clean Up--Before and After

While working so hard on quilts like Ruffled Roses, my studio gets cluttered,  plain and simple. It tends to stay that way until I have a reason to clean up. With two groups of students coming to visit this weekend, that time was NOW.


Primary cutting and work surface and dumping ground 

Overflow work surface--the Q20 table

Chair rarely available for seating

What is under that practice quilt sandwich?

View from just inside the doorway

Miscellaneous stuff--and Garth
AFTER, this took less than 45 minutes:

View from the doorway

Another view from the doorway

View from the desk

View from the ironing station

Rare view of the cutting table with NO fabric or other stuff on it

Ruby lives under the practice quilt sandwich, a Featherweight I had painted Ruby Red

View from my sewing machine

I love having the design wall opposite the machine--I can often see things from that far away I would miss closer up. Ruffled Roses will remain up for a few more days then she needs to come down so I can put up two quilts I am working on. Ruffled Roses will head off to a great long arm quilter in a few months for the royal treatment. I have plenty of tops to work on and this quilt deserves the best.

It would be nice to say I'll keep the studio this neat indefinitely but I know that won't happen. This is my happy place, and when I'm being creative stuff just piles up. That's OK with me. All I have to do is invite a group over and the place gets a clean-up. There is still way too much stuff in all those boxes and the closets are full. A purge isn't likely anytime soon, however...

For photos of the wonderful closets see Closets 1 and 2, Closets 3 and 4, and Closets 5 and 6. Those photos were taken two and a half years ago--they are reasonably the same today, though there is more stuff in them now.

Let's quilt!



  1. what a fabulous space! wow looks great before and after.
    messiness is a sign of high creativity in my sewing room too.

  2. Your space looks great! It looks very inviting as a great space to play. I am working on cleaning up my space too, but it is taking me more than 45 minutes. I am doing a much needed purge.

  3. Gee, I know it’s a busy time of year, but would you mind coming to my house to straighten out my sewing room? No chance, huh? Oh, well, it was worth a try. I have a couple of gifts to finish and then I am going to be inspired to straighten out my creative mess, too. Happy Holidays!!!

    1. Start slow, one shelf, one side of a closet, etc. only when it gets really bad do I do an intervention on my stuff. Just small things cleared up can make you feel good. Set a timer for 15-20 minutes, clear up what you can then you are done "cleaning" for the day. Sew something. OR invite people over so you really have to de-clutter a lot.

  4. Congratulations on finishing Ruffled Roses and a perfectly kept space! My top is finished as well and is patiently waiting to be quilted. I’m undecided on whether to do it myself or pay to have a professional do it.

  5. My motto is that the clutter and confusion contribute to creativity! Ruffled Roses is just beautiful!

  6. Having your design wall across from your machine is a great idea. (I don't have space for a design wall at all.)

  7. When I'm working and creating hard my sewing room turns into a disaster! I do like your large space.
    Whats the story behind Garth?