Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Fun in FL

Recently, I traveled to Ft. Myers, FL to give a lecture and teach a two-day workshop. It was a great trip. Come along.

My luck is holding--this was my fifth trip by air in the past 3 months. Just as in the past, all flights were on time and I even got an upgrade on one flight going and one flight coming.

The Summer residents ready for the meeting

VP for Education MJ--my contact for this trip

Quilts laid out for the lecture

Lyn who saved the day with her technical skills and equipment
As is true in a lot of FL, there are year-round residents and "snowbirds"--those who go North for the summer. The guild attendance is less in the summer but they are an enthusiastic group and the lecture "Time Management for Quilters" was well-received.

The next day 11 happy students began learning "Two for One":

Make fabric

Cut it up and lay it out

Un-sew it

Success! Pat used her least favorite colors and was happy with the result

Melissa with half blocks that match her dress

Don't you love black and white?

Light complete and dark half blocks--Therese, a new member, did great!
Phyllis, also matched her blocks--she kept us on track, always ready for the next step
I've learned to take a class photo at the start of the second day so everyone is included. Students start to leave as the day goes on. Here they are showing their first day's progress:

I had the afternoon of the second day off so was able to relax at the pool of the Hilton Garden Inn, Ft. Myers airport location. I had the place to myself:

It is so nice to sleep under my own quilt in a hotel:

The guild was a lively group, the students were fun and each did so well in class. And the food was top-notch! I love seafood and was treated to really great meals throughout the visit. 

What a wonderful job I have, being able to share my passion for quiltmaking while visiting different parts of our great country and meeting quilters from all over.

Let's quilt!


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  1. Looks like a wonderful experience, Barbara. Some beautiful quilts being created under your excellent tutelage.
    How nice was that to have the pool to yourself? And I think your quilt looks great on your hotel room bed.