Sunday, August 18, 2019

Watch Free Shows

Since I am in Denver to tape The Quilt Show, I thought I would remind you that non-Star members can still watch a few shows FREE to see how great they are.

Watch Free Shows.

If you are a Star member, which means you have a paid subscription to The Quilt Show, you have access to all 12 years of shows, 26/year. It is easy to search for specific guest artists or techniques to find the show you are looking for:

Search Shows

Some of my favorites have been:

Sue Garman, Show 304 and 503
Sally Collins, Show 1602
Karen Buckley, Show 2007
Julie Silber--Antique Quilts, Shows 1611, 2010 , 2108, 2304, 2305

There are many more that I have enjoyed and learned from. Even the shows that don't particularly interest me, still teach me something. The Quilting World is huge and there is room for everyone and every technique and idea.

Enjoy and let's quilt.



  1. thanks! I've booked marked the free shows and will work my way through them. As you say, we always learn something.
    Hope your taping was fun and you got a good manicure.

    1. Taping is tomorrow and, yes, manicure required. If you haven’t seen Rosa Rojas demonstrate her Apliquick tools, you will enjoy that show.

  2. Have fun in Denver. I am itching to see that 2020 BOM!

  3. The shows are top quality and I always learn something. Definitely recommend taking advantage of the free shows if you are not a star subscriber.