Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Design Wall Time

As I will soon need the whole design wall for a big project, I decided to finish the Sawtooth Stars top that was taking up more than half the wall:

Once I study this photo a bit, I will decide which blocks to move or rotate. This can become a never-ending task so better not to over-think it too much. I see a couple I will rearrange...

There may or may not be added borders--that is a decision for months from now when the big project is done.

Glad to have this one to this stage. I will dedicate today to finishing it so I can "clear the board" and put up the big project, which I cannot show you, but it is fun and you will like it.

I  feel like I am way behind compared to lots of friends who are finishing old projects left and right and jumping into new projects--so much is available on the Internet right now.   The secret sewing has consumed me the last month and will for the next two months then I can jump back into quilting several tops that will get done later this year. Having 9 jobs that have cancelled or been postponed from April to August has kept me home, and I am enjoying that just fine. Still waiting to hear about two more big jobs for later this year.

What are you working on? Are you feeling accomplished with projects completed or overwhelmed with so much time?

Let's quilt.



  1. While I am trying to finish up UFO’s, I find myself falling into the trap of adding new ones! I’m thinking, “Well, since I’ve got one off my plate, it’s time to start a new one”. Vicious cycle-but one I love !

  2. I started the 'stay at home' being productive with some new projects (mostly knitting). But then face mask making ensued which took a good many weeks. About the time that was winding down, my vegetable garden began needing much attention.... And to add to that, my hubby is working from home in my sewing room / computer space. Maybe it is face mask burnout, or covid burnout, or the house not being quiet during the day, or the summer heat, but I'm finding it difficult to pick up my creative projects. I am trying to power through some blocks for the Quiltmania Solidarity Quilt Project so the motivation for them is helping a little and pushing me to proceed. Each week is a new week and one week soon will be a good creative week!

    So you are not alone with not finishing tons of ufo's or new projects. We all have our own unique journey through this time.

  3. This is a beauty, Barbara. Be careful with the block switching--you can get sucked into a black hole doing that! LOL
    I don't feel like I am having more sewing time during Covid, but that is because my Mom's needs haven't changed--and when she comes to stay with me now and then my sewing room becomes her room.
    I am trying to focus on large UFOs, and it feels so good to be getting closure on a few, but I am slipping in a mini now and then, too. :)

  4. I have gotten several UFOs to the "top finished now to quilt stage." That just leads me to the question of tackling that new skill myself or sending them to a longarmer!
    I do enjoy my time in my sewing room and have been much more productive even though I have worked at my job everyday since the whole Covid deal began.

  5. Sorry to hear about so many cancelled events for you. Now I'm really curious about the secret projects .... Lol!