Monday, December 28, 2020

Leftover Afternoon Delight Blocks

 Recently, while cleaning up my studio, and putting away the patterns and fabrics for Afternoon Delight, the 2020 Block of the Month quilt, I discovered 4 spare blocks., two applique', 2 pieced. If I made 4 more pieced blocks I could create two small wallhangings and use up more of the leftover fabrics.

So I did. They are each about 20" square. The first top:

The second all finished. 

I can't really say that it used up much of the leftovers. Still looks like plenty of scraps. I will cut these into logs for the 3" It's a Puzzle blocks I am currently working on as my Leader/Ender project:

After I've had my fill of cutting these, they go into a zip-loc bag and get put in the "Free to a Good Home" box for my friends. Somebody will love getting these bits.

What do you do with your small leftovers?

Let's quilt,



  1. Two great little finishes from your leftovers!
    My leftovers often get saved and used in mini quilts until I am tired of trying to use them up. Then they go to a new home. :)

  2. Oh my, those made two sweet minis! ­čśŹ

  3. My 'leftovers' seem to get tossed into a pile on the end of the work table until they fall on the floor or I work on that side of the work table and stuff them into a plastic bag. The batiks are separated from the rest, and 'someday' I will make an applique quilt big enough to slipcover this house!

    I still have Afternoon Delight blocks to make. Some guys wearing red hats interrupted the process. Sneaky little devils...

  4. There is nothing more fun than the challenge of using up scraps. I love scrappy quilts so I try to use as many leftover fabrics as I can in my next project. I have done some improv piecing and added to the back of the quilt. Miniatures are fun too. I love what you have done with your extra blocks and fabric.

  5. it must be a thing, I found 5 leftover double 9 patch blocks when I was finished!

  6. I do keep mine, but I only quilt a fraction of what you do so my scraps are very manageable :). If I quilted as much as you, I'd so the same about giving them new homes!

  7. Those two little quilts are a great finish for this year! Well done!