Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Thursdays at 3

 Technology is a wonderful thing. For the most part. 

Over the years I have taught myself a lot--Google is my friend. And I never hesitate to ask those who know how to do something I don't for their advice.

In this time of "Safer at Home", I am thrilled to be able to "meet", "chat", "visit", "teach" and "learn" from the comfort of my home.

A quilter friend I met years ago at Houston when she was teaching hand quilting there, was looking for some friends to "talk" to from her "Overseas Office" in the south of Spain. I jumped at the chance since seeing her live is so much better than just email and Instagram contact.

Meet the group of us who meet "Thursdays at 3":

Sometimes there are more, or fewer. We chat about our current projects and what is being planned in the future. We discuss where they live, where I live, what is happening in our lives. Most are in the UK, two are currently in the south of Spain, waiting out the English winter.

What we do not discuss is politics or the virus. Except obliquely, as they pertain to what is happening in our lives. 

I love their accents and learning about quilting in Spain and the UK. 

Being given the coordinates to Barbara C's home in Spain, I was able to go on Google Earth and SEE HER HOUSE! Isn't that amazing?!! Another of the ladies lives two doors down from her, so I saw HER house too. These are things that can make the world a smaller place and keep us a bit more connected.

There is a 6 hour time difference, so for me it's "Thursdays at 9 am". And I am "American Barbara" and that's fine with me. 

I look forward to our weekly visits and perhaps a project together in the new year. 

How do you use technology to make your life and quilting better? 

Let's quilt.



  1. The good - lots of how-to information, seeing different styles and inspiration that I would not get to see otherwise, finding out about new (sometimes vintage or antique) tools/books/fabrics, able to make connections to people across the world (even if only a comment on their blog) that I'd never ever get to do otherwise.
    The bad - too much time looking at what others are doing instead of doing my own projects, seeing way too much stuff that I don't need as my overstuffed shelves and drawers attest to, my list of things to make is HUGE, so many bloggers have stopped or gone FB/IG (understand that one as writing blog post takes time & work)

    1. Agree, the internet can be a huge time suck. I have to set a timer to keep me on task.