Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Working 9 to 5, and Then Some

 Considering my kids think I'm "retired" and have nothing to do, I work a lot of hours. 

It was a big push but I got the Wild Western Sun done in time to take it to a local quilt shop as a class advertisement. This is the size the pattern makes, about 45" square:

I followed the pattern, for the most part; I chose to use only 1 fabric for the flying geese sashing, with a variety of black/white prints for the "wings". I did change the small perimeter triangles that were supposed to be two flying geese sewn together then cut at an angle as if they were just flying off the edges of the quilt. After making one unit as a test, I just could not bring myself to make perfectly good geese then chop them up. So I substituted a black solid for those 8 triangles. My plan is to bind the quilt in that same black solid.

Looks a lot different than the first one I made, from Civil War reproduction fabrics--this baby is 110" square. And I completely changed the path of the geese and used cheddar squares and triangles instead of pieced units for the cornerstones and perimeter triangles. I love this quilt:

Once I took the big Western Sun off the wall and photographed the small one, the design wall was just too bare. When I see my design wall empty, I feel like I have an empty mind. So I threw a few things up there to make me happy. This will be my backdrop for a while:

This Friday I am doing the December Facebook Live, at noon CST, to encourage members of The Quilt Show to get ready for the 2021 Block of the Month, Color My World. It can be found on Facebook at The Quilt with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims . After the Live airing it can be found on the The  Quilt Show Playlist on YouTube. My sample: 

The patterns start January 1, 2021, the Show I taped in August goes up that day, I will have a big blog about the steps for this first month, AND, there will be a Facebook Live January 1, 2021, noon CST. Each month I will do a Live to support the pattern instructions. Many people around the world will be making this quilt and I look forward to being their "assistant".

I will also be teaching Color My World locally, at Sweet Home Quilting. A two-hour lecture/demo class one Saturday a month all year. All sewing is done at home. This is a very popular class plan for teaching these year-long projects. Having the class on their schedule helps students keep up. Saturday December 19, I will be there from 12:30-2:30 to help students with fabric selection. It's  not too late to jump in. 

Let's quilt.


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  1. Your Wild Western Sun is a really fun quilt, but the big one really makes my heart pitter-patter!