Monday, May 31, 2021


 Color My World is the 2021 Block of the  Month quilt designed exclusively for The Quilt Show by Australian designer Wendy Williams. FREE all of 2021 to Star Members--it's not to late to join in the fun. There is so much of value on The Quilt Show, this is an ADDED BONUS: JOIN NOW

This month we make Tall Building #1, Left Side and Right Side, four of each. While the Left and Right sides are similar, they are NOT the SAME. I recommend you make four of one side before starting the four of the other side, so as not to become confused, since the patterns are so similar:

This is Tall Building #1 LEFT side--the shadow is on the LEFT. When joined to Tall Buildings 2, 3, and 4, LEFT sides, they will be sewn to the LEFT side of a corner Skyscraper: 

The LEFT side is done, the RIGHT side is pieced and is ready to be assembled into Tall Building #1, RIGHT side:

These Tall Buildings are the work of my good friend, Pam, who agreed to work just a little ahead so I have units for our demos and video and I don't have to make extra houses that I will never use again. 

Pam followed my advice from early on in preparing her patterns. Each pattern section is marked so she knows  this is TB #1 RS and which section it is, #1, 2, 3, 4, or the top sections. She also indicated which is the door, window, roof, shadow, and building parts: 

When cutting out the small parts of Background that go on the upper sections of TB #1, you may find you have those small bits in your bag of background pieces leftover from making the Small Houses. They are cut pretty small and I had plenty in my leftovers that I did not have to cut into a large strip of background for those: 

Once the various units are made and trimmed to the proper size of the paper, you simply remove the paper pattern gently, and join each section to the next, being very careful to use an accurate 1/4" seam allowance.

When the lower four sections are sewn together, add the Shadow, that has been carefully cut out with the template for the Shadow. It should be a perfect fit. If it's not, you most likely have a seam allowance problem, either too big or too little. Double check so the shadow fits the lower four sections correctly.

Press firmly as you join the sections and the shadow, a dry iron will prevent stretching as you press. 

I am often asked "What size is this supposed to be?" It is not easy to give you the answer so I am going to show you how to figure it out. These photos show the pattern for TB #1 LS. With an accurate ruler, measure the length of the outside seam on  the top section. Measure the short side,  the side the shadow will go. DO NOT include the seam allowances, just the finished seam. This measures 2 3/8". 

Now measure the outside edge of the TB #1 LS Shadow, not including the seam allowances. This measures 6.5" 
Adding those two measurements, the seam will be 8 7/8" finished. Add the additional 1/2" for the two 1/4" seam allowances and you see that the unfinished edge of TB #1 LS,  should be 9 3/8". INCLUDING the seam allowances:

If you were to measure the longer side, without the Shadow, you would have to add up all the Finished sizes of the four lower parts. It is just easier to measure the Shadow and top section. NOTE: TB #1 RS has TWO sections for the top, each measures 1 5/8" and the Shadow is 6.25", still giving you 8 7/8" + .5" = 9 3/8".

I did NONE of this measuring while making my quilt last Summer. I checked the 1" scale box on the patterns for accuracy and trusted everything would fit together and it did.

Now would be a good time if you like to Stay-Stitch the top and bottom edges on each completed building. This means using a slightly longer stitch within the seam allowance. This helps prevent stretching when handling the buildings as they are sewn together and keeps the lower seams from popping open. If you prefer, you can Stay-Stitch once all the Tall Buildings are joined together, after Month 9. 

I kept my TB #1 LS together in a page protector and put the TB #1 RS in a separate page protector to keep them apart. We won't use them again until after Month 9. 

Next month we move on to the TB #2 LS and RS. 

Let's quilt. 



  1. That sounds like fun and you really have some nice buildings there. I wish I could join in but I am overextended already. I will have to enjoy what others have made.

  2. Barb,

    When making house 1,2,3,4 we cut strips 3 1/2". Is there a strip size we should be using for Tall Buildings, or is the 3 1/2" strip size still viable?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I see you are asking about the colors, not the background. Work with 3.5" strips unless you need something larger. The Tall Buildings are all made from mostly small pieces.

  3. I haven't started my first tall building yet, but after reading the instructions, I'm confused about adding the shadow to the side. Am I supposed to use the freezer paper to do that?

    1. I just answered this on the Forum. The shadow paper is just a CUTTING TEMPLATE. Use it to cut the shadow the correct size then REMOVE THE PAPER. Sew the shadow to the correct side--RS gets RS Shadow, LS gets LS shadow--they are different sizes. Be sure you sew the shadow to the correct side of the Tall Building.

  4. oh these are fun. I may give it whirl using liberated piecing method.

  5. I couldn't make a comment on the Forum of the Quilt Show even though I was logged in. So here is my question, It looks like the shadows can be a darker shade of the tall buildings in the picture that is on the kits they are like that. I can do that since I have a black background with colored polka dots and black shadows will not really show up well.

    1. Go back to my January 1, 2021 blog to see my quilt. My shadows are a wide variety of colors, few of them really dark.

      On the Forum I often have to logout of the site, then log back in to get logged in to the Forum.

  6. I sewed 2 left tall buildings #1 both had tucks in the roof to get it to fit the shadow. I sewed a right tall building #1 perfectly. Could my pattern be off for tall building left #1? It really has me perplexed.