Wednesday, July 14, 2021


There are four Little Houses in the City in the quilt Color My World. They are at the North, East, South and West sides of the quilt. They are the Month 10 pattern for this Block of the Month quilt, exclusive to The Quilt Show all through 2021.

This area allows for space to personalize these Houses to be something meaningful to you. There is room for a  three-story house, for example:

To calculate the DESIGN AREA for this block, I taped the pattern pieces together to figure out the measurements:

You will need paper at least 11" x 10". I taped two pieces of copy paper together to have this area:

WARNING--STOP--WAIT--DO NOT use this area to start sewing your personal Little Houses. THIS INFORMATION IS PROVIDED FOR DESIGN AREA ONLY. Use this information to figure out how to DRAW the structure you want. When you get the official pattern you can double check your design  before you sew your personalized building together. 

NOTE: there is a slight curve a the top, and a significant curve at the bottom. You will be able to double check those curves when you get the official pattern in Month 10.  

Follow these steps to DRAW your Little House in the City, using a pencil, eraser and accurate ruler:

1. Across the top draw a 9" line. Put DOT #1 at the center, DOT #2 on the Left, Dot #3 on the Right.

2. From the Center, DOT #1, draw a STRAIGHT LINE down the Center, 8 3/4"--this is the Center Line. Put DOT #4 at this position.

3. Across the bottom draw a 7" line, perpendicular to the Center Line. DOT #5 is on the Left, DOT #6 is on the Right. 

4. Draw a line connecting DOT #2 and DOT #5--extend this line so it is 9" long--this will extend BELOW the BOTTOM LINE drawn in Step 3, about 1/4". This will help you see the CURVE at the BOTTOM edge.

5. Do the same thing on the Right side, connecting DOT #3 to DOT #6, drawing the line 9" long.

Now you have the DESIGN AREA for the four LITTLE HOUSES IN THE CITY.  Add a 1/4" line around all the drawn lines to provide the Seam Allowance.

If you are happy with the Little Houses in the City provided in the pattern, they work just fine. You can easily personalize them simply with house numbers and/or colors of homes meaningful to you.

Let's quilt.



  1. Can I use Traditional Primitives freezer paper instead of C.Jenkins brand. I am going to run out if my supply of C.Jenkins and the local shop can order the other brand.

    1. I don’t see why not, it seems to be similar.