Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Kool Kaleidoscope and Kool Kid

 Ricky Tims is teaching a FREE online class on his Kool Kaleidoscope pattern:

A class you would pay at least $80 to attend at a Workshop, this is FREE for all and easy to access. Find everything you need to know right here: The Quilt Show Classroom

The first session is on making Strata--strips of fabric cut in various widths, sewn into "cloth". Next, we will learn how to create our templates.

This is not a project carefully thought out in advance. Whatever happens, happens, when we start to cut out the pieces. For those who agonize over every fabric choice, this is a challenge. And exactly why those people should try it. Follow Ricky's instructions and "trust the process". 

Here are my 5 strata "fabrics"--I still have to make an "identical twin" of each of these before Friday July 30, when Ricky shows in the second lesson how to create the templates.

All 5 Strata fabrics

You can find lots of examples of Kool Kaleidoscopes here on Google: Kool Kaleidoscope Images

While this class is available free to all, there are lots of great reasons to be a Star Member of The Quilt Show--17 years of shows at your fingertips, including show # 403 where Ricky taught this project, years ago. And so much more. There is a membership special on right now, a big discount of $10 off  for new or renewing Star Members, $39.95 for an entire year of membership. That's 77 cents/week--quite a deal. 

Go the homepage: The Quilt Show and use Code 2RENEW10 to snag your discount.

We had the pleasure of having super kid Stella visit us for the day recently. She will be a big first grader starting next week, when life gets busier. So we put in a request for a visit--her brother is at daycare so we had Stella all to ourselves. 

She picked blackberries (they are getting scarce), practiced riding her two-wheel bike, baked chocolate chip cookies, asked for pizza for lunch, and after lunch, during quiet time, she enjoyed a little iPad time--she is a great puzzle solver.  We love our Kool Kid!

Let's quilt.


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