Sunday, October 31, 2021


 Finally, we start to make the Skyscrapers for Color My World. Even if you are not making this quilt, seeing how to create your own Skyscraper can be helpful for a future project.

Earlier this year I provided the "design area" for the four Skyscrapers, for those who want to create their own building. Some ideas are windmills, lighthouses, the Washington Monument, churches, the Saturn 5 rocket here in Huntsville, AL. Find that post here: Skyscraper Design Area

I taped all of the pattern pieces together for each Skyscraper to find the size. They are not exactly the same size. As hand-drawn patterns, they varied about 1/8" from each other. Just make them the size of each pattern and it will be fine:

I found it VERY HELPFUL to number the pages as I printed them. There are two buildings again and you don't want to get the patterns mixed up.

For each of the Skyscrapers, I recommend you first READ THE INSTRUCTIONS carefully. These are not fast designs to make. Take your time and enjoy the construction process. SOME of the pattern pieces are JOINED together BEFORE starting to sew. Be sure you understand which do that.


As the pattern tester, I first follow the patterns as written. When my Big Ben was finished and I was in the final assembly process, I saw that my Big Ben had a problem:

My Big Ben

Remember my Sub-title for this quilt? My Big Ben is simply "NOT TO CODE". I had no more of the brick red nor the peach fabrics so making another one in those colors was not an option. I was also "FINISHED" and did not want to have to make another OR applique background fabric on top of the red "arms". I just decided my Big Ben has scaffolding and let it go at that. In hindsight, I should have compared each section to the original photo but didn't.

 Of course, the designer was able to fix the pattern so yours looks like it should.

The clock face can be anything you like. Wendy used a circular design from the Art History 101 background fabric. You can DRAW a CLOCK FACE with a permanent pen on fabric of your choice. Here are some other options. 

Leading up to the year 2000 there were several lines of fabric that showcased TIME/CLOCKS. The black/white circle on the left was from a fabric I used for a garment some years ago:

In the monthly class I teach locally, there was discussion on how to make the body of Big Ben as one long piece, instead of in sections. Start by taping a copy of the pattern together so you know what size it is. Cut a long strip of the peach fabric the size needed.  Applique a strip of the brick fabric for each of the four cross-pieces. Applique a long strip of brick red down the center, then add two long  pieces of brick to either side of the center. Then it is a matter of making a template for the two background wedges to complete the lower part of Big Ben. I am not providing any more detailed instruction than that. If you can "see" how this will work, you can try it. If it doesn't make sense, just follow the pattern as written. 


This one took me a little time. The first thing I had to do was figure out the fabric colors for the building. For mine, 1 = Light Blue, 2 = Blue Gray and 3 = Dark Teal. Color 2 is used in both the Center and both Outer sections. 

My One World

The building section patterns have to be JOINED before sewing begins. Glue works better than tape as you will be pressing with a hot iron while constructing each section.

This is what the 3 sections look like BEFORE you start to sew:

Wendy has excellent instructions for making this building, READ them before you begin. Remember to follow the Seam Numbers for where to start--SEAM 1 is first, then SEAM 2, etc. Start at the WIDE end of each of the 3 sections, working toward the NARROW end.

Wendy has also provided excellent photos showing how to attach the two joined spire sections to the lower part of the building. Follow step-by-step and go slowly.

These Skyscrapers take a while to make so the NEXT BLOG, posting November 3, 2021, will feature Month12--Eiffel Tower and Centrepoint Tower. I doubt anyone will be ready to start those yet but at least you'll have the instructions.

BIG REMINDER: these patterns are only available FREE to Star Members of The Quilt Show until December 31, 2021. After that you will have to purchase the pattern from the designer at significant cost. Print and/or Save the pattern so you will have access when you are ready. The Quilt Show will not be able to provide you any patterns you are missing.

Let's quilt.



  1. Big Ben is currently undergoing a major refurbishment so scaffolding is entirely appropriate!

  2. Will there be a video for BOM #11 - Virginia Marshall

    1. Friday November 5 LIVE broadcast will feature month 11. It is always available on The Quilt Show YouTube channel

    2. Friday November 5 LIVE broadcast will feature month 11. It is always available on The Quilt Show YouTube channel

  3. What time will it be on in Australia please

    1. I believe you are 16 hours ahead of me. You can Google “what time is it” to find out what time Noon central today is in your location.

  4. Hello all~! I started making this quilt in June, I think when I finally figured out what the Quilt Show was, and how to get the pattern. I am ( amazingly) caught up, and getting ready to start Month 12! I must say they look daunting with all that bias tape. I also thought the freezer paper method looked daunting, and have paper pieced my entire quilt. And yes, my sewing room has an ankle deep pile of bits of paper! Can't wait for 2022! So happy to have found this site!

    1. Great--glad you found the best quilting site on the internet! 2022 BOM will be revealed December 1.

  5. Can you post the URL for the tutorial video for block 11 here? I was at the Quilt Show in Houston and missed it. Thanks.


      There will be another LIVE November 19 on Month 12 skyscrapers and assembly of the quilt.

    2. Go to YouTube, The Quilt Show channel, look under Videos—easy to find if you don’t want to cut and paste the above link.