Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Houston Quilt Festival Part 1

 After not having Festival last year, I was thrilled to be back this year. 

Easy flights, both landing early, a good LYFT driver, and a wonderful welcome from everyone I encounter at the Hilton Americas hotel makes this the highlight of my year.

The view from my room:

My cozy bed:
On the airplane:

Food shots, always good to eat well when I can. Once the work starts it’s Protein bars and instant oatmeal most of the time:

Hotel oatmeal, not instant 

The first of a couple meals at Pappadeaux, a favorite

Salad bar lunch from Phoenicia

NOTE: the salad bar at Phoenicia just reopened last week and Pappadeaux reopened for business last week. So glad for both of those. The Executive Lounge in the Hilton remains closed.

Love seeing the Harvest Moon from my room when it’s close to full:

There is often public art on display in downtown Houston. This year there are painted sugar skulls to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos. Here are just a few photos:

When this posts Festival hasn’t opened yet. Part 2 will have photos from the show.

Let’s quilt.



  1. Looks so fun, now I am really hungry! :)

  2. Love the view from your hotel room! I attended in 2016 and remember walking through and around this beautiful park :-)

    Enjoy your time. Stay safe and stay healthy!!!!

  3. Love going to Houston! Plus my daughter, SIL & grands are there! Hopefully next year again!!

  4. Oh the memories - went there about 5 years ago and loved it. Probably won't be there again but thank you for sharing the photos. Had my breakfast in that hotel every morning. I live in Northern Ireland.