Friday, October 1, 2021


 It's Month 10 and we've got an easy month: 4 Little Houses in the City. Even if you are not making Color My World, this is a terrific little house for other projects:

one of mine in the completed quilt

These are pretty easy to make, there is only one piecing step that might seem a bit confusing. 

Pieces 2 and 3 are the Window sections and they are  made separately, then joined before being sewn to piece 1, the Door section. My friend Pam provides me with hers so I can share these visuals with you. She writes on the paper--what fabrics go where, and that really helps. There are some tiny pieces of House above those small windows. 

Here you see pieces 2 and 3 upside down--they are ready to be sewn together to create the Window row and can then be added to the lower Door section:

We add tree trunks to both sides of the Little House, using the Clover 1/4"  Quick Bias makes this a snap. I printed the Placement Guide for the Trees on vellum so I could see through it:

Pam made her tree trunks thicker, using two pieces of bias for each tree, as the pattern shows. Here are Pam's 4 Little Houses in the City:

After adding the tree trunks, it's time to add the tree tops. You can make a template from freezer paper or Templar, a heat-resistant template plastic, to make it easy to turn under the lower edge of the tree tops:

Press freezer paper to back of tree top

Use a pencil to draw the turn line at the lower edge

Trim the lower edge about 3/8" beyond the pencil line, turn and press the seam allowance under

Remove the freezer paper template--the tree top is ready to stitch in place with a straight or decorative stitch

I cut away some of the right side tree top before adding the left side:

 The pattern says to cut away the Background under the treetops to reduce bulk. I don't think I did that on mine but you certainly could:

Once the four Little Houses in the City are made, you can join them to 4 Tall Buildings. The Little Houses go at North, East, South and West. Tall Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4 LEFT go on the RIGHT of the Little House because Tall Buildings LEFT means they are LEFT of the corner SKYSCRAPERS.  

Remember, you are making another complete circle of this last outer ring so you can sew your Upper Road circle edge to the lower edge of the Tall Buildings/Little Houses/Skyscrapers:

My sample, finished

Just a NOTE: I gave the design area dimensions for Little Houses in the City last July for those who want to design their own houses. Find it here:  Design Area Little Houses in the City

Next month will be here before we know it and BOTH Months 11 and 12 will be released November 1. This is a special gift to those who joined last November when Color My World was first announced. We assured you all 12 patterns would be made available to you so you did not have to renew your membership just to get the final month's pattern. 

But I really want you to renew. The 2022 Block of the Month quilt is beautiful and sure to be another winner. It's still a secret, but I expect you will finally get to see it in early November. Here is just one of the posts I have written about all the value you get as a Star Member of The Quilt Show: What The Quilt Show offers


The licensing agreement with the designer gives her back the rights to  her pattern as of January 1, 2022 so The Quilt Show is not able to provide these patterns to you after December 31, 2021. Print out the patterns, save them to a thumb drive or a hard drive, but beware, those things sometimes fail, hard drives crash, life happens, and if you lose the patterns after December 31, 2021 you will have to BUY them from the designer, for somewhat more than what your Star Membership costs. 

And if you haven't started yet, and think you might "someday", be sure to save/print all the patterns now so you have them when you are ready.

Let's quilt,


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