Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Start Quilting--Soup to Nuts

 I teach beginning classes at three local shops and have 3 different projects., one for each shop. 

Start Quilting--Soup to Nuts was offered at Southern Charm Quilting It just wrapped up last week--3 sessions, 6 hours each, and that worked well. Students have lots of space and we started with how to select fabrics and ended with how to quilt and bind their finished tops. 

The project comes from a great little book by my friend, Alex Anderson: 

The reason  I chose this was simple--the sample was made by the shop owner, she used to teach it in California, and it was doable for beginners. It also lent itself to the 18 hours of class time I wanted to spread over just 3 days, one a week for 3 weeks. The class sample already made:

This turned out to be an excellent beginner project, with great pacing. Seven students started and six finished. Those who had their tops done at the last class were able to pin base their tops and start quilting at the third session.

Here is what they did:





Lisa couldn't make it to the last class but she did great too.

This class will be offered again at Southern Charm later this year.

Up next is a beginning class at Patches & Stitches --where I have taught beginners for almost 35 years. It is the second class for this project this year--the first was full with a waiting list so we put together a second class. It starts Tuesday February 22, 2022, 5:30-8 pm, 5 sessions over 6 weeks. There a few spots left--call the shop today to sign up: 256-533-3886:

Quiltmaking 101

The third beginning class will be February 26 and March 5, 9 hours total, over two sessions. Learn to Quilt--Fast and Fun is a great way to learn the very basics--how to cut, piece, sew, and how to finish your quilt. There are only a couple spots left in this offering, call the shop today to sign up: 256-325-1840:

Learn to Quilt -- Fast and Fun

Coming up May 12 and 26 is a very good NEXT project for those who want to stretch their wings a bit after learning the basics. YOUR NEXT QUILT is two session, over two weeks, 12 hours total. Find the info at Sweet Home Quilting:

Your Next Quilt

Each class offers something a little different and I hope will appeal to all those who want to learn how to quilt or how to improve their quilting. While I teach much more challenging quilts too, I love teaching beginners. I have 3 goals for each beginning class I teach:

1. At the end of class I want students to feel their time and money was worth it.
2. I want them to finish their project.
3. I want to addict at least one of them completely and totally to quiltmaking so the art lives on. 

Let's quilt.



  1. I started quilting when we moved to north Alabama in 1992. I started trying to teach myself how to quilt around then. I'm pretty sure your class was the first one I took a year or so later. It was the sampler using Marti Michell's templates. Thanks for all the joy quilting has brought me.

    1. Yes, that was a class at Patches in the early ‘90s. Isn’t it great to find your passion?

  2. Hi Barbara! I love this cute quilt pattern and guess what? I think I actually have that book by Alex as well! Thanks for sharing! I wish I lived closer to take some of your classes. Miss you and your hugs! Teresa

  3. Excellent teacher, with well chosen projects for learning. What more could a beginning quilter want?

  4. Excellent teachers provide the base for successful & fulfilling quilting. Thank you for continuing your teaching. I know you get as much joy from teaching as they do learning.