Sunday, December 4, 2022

A New Project

 While teaching last April at the Virginia Consortium of Quilters I met Patty Murphy. She was teaching a great quilt I was really taken with:

This is Patty's photo, taken from her website, find all her information about this quilt here: Patty Murphy Handmade.

During Show and Tell at VCQ, I saw her students' work and how to make this quilt became apparent. First, make the background:

Then add the Orange Peels:

Isn't that great? I bought the pattern and started looking for background fabrics. 

I found 9 ombre pieces at  Southern Charm Quilting and bought them, along with a few large florals for some of the Orange Peels:

I recently had time to start making the background:

Then I started playing with the Orange Peels:


This is still a work in progress but it is fun.  Playing with the fabrics is part of the fun. I had to add more background fabrics from my stash. Now I have to cut and prepare more Orange Peels. Once they are made and placed, I will machine applique them to the background,

There are several ways to make the Orange Peels--mine have turned edges--but they could be easily cut and fused too. 

This will be a class at Southern Charm Quilting sometime in 2023--just as soon as I can get the top completed.

Let's quilt.


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  1. Hello! Thank you for your wonderful posts. How about only adding a few more orange peels? It is very interesting the way it is. Joanne