Friday, June 1, 2012

Excellent week!

This has been the first week since tax season ended I could pretty much do what I wanted and did not have to go into the office at all.  As it's been hot, and now a cool front has come in, I even saved mowing the 1.25 acre yard for tomorrow when it is supposed to be a spectacular day!  So what did I do, you ask?

I made quilts, of course!  First off, was to finish 2 workshop pieces from Paula Nadelstern's  Simple Symmetry class 2 weeks ago.  All of the blocks came from the same piece of fabric but looked so different I decided to split them up and create twins.  Here is NIGHT:
And here is DAY:

They are each about 35" x 40".  Just tops so far but they'll get quilted later this month. 

Then I created a challenge piece for our guild challenge--it's our 25th anniversary and the piece had to have some silver or gray in it, and use the number 25 in some way--for example, mine has 25 silver squares that are 1" each.  I can't show you the entire quilt as it also has to be a secret but here's a sneek peek:
You may recognize the star point fabric--it's the Paula Nadelstern fabric from the 2 twins.  I figured, rather than put it away to start the challenge, just use it IN the challenge!  Now I can put it away.

Then I got to work on the June doll quilt for the swap I'm in--the person this is for likes brights, batiks, purple, green, etc--oh, that was easy!  Didn't have to go far to find those fabrics.  I'll get it quilted and sent in the next week or so. 

I also enjoy following some great blogs, some simple ones, some that post several times a day, some that post once a month. This week I learned of this one: Find a Friend Friday It's a place for bloggers to list their blog and you can quickly take a look to see if you're interested in what they write about.

Now I'm going to start on the Just Takes 2 red and white blocks that posted this morning--they are fairly easy this set and I'll have them done by next week.

Yes, it's been a productive week.  And today is my birthday so I was very happy to have lost 16 lbs since mid-April.  I only want to do this one last time--I've lost and found 100's of pounds in the last 15 years and they really have to go and stay gone.  Bet some of you can relate...  Only problem today is my son and his new bride are taking me and my beloved to Macaroni Grill tonight--my favorite place.  Just give me a loaf of their great bread, a glass of wine, and a salad and I'm happy!  Lots of hard work tomorrow should help

Hope everyone has a great June--let's quilt!


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  1. Now that was one productive week leading up to your birthday. Have a very happy birthday and night out tonight. Sounds like everything is right in your world. Enjoy!