Saturday, June 23, 2012

Still Crazy!

Our quilt guild is celebrating 25 years and had our bi-ennial challenge the other night:  Still Crazy After All These Years!  There were 27 entries, out of a membership of well over 200.  The voting is done by the members, so kind of "viewer's choice", with special awards for best theme, use of fabric, etc. 

Here is my entry--whipped together pretty quickly after I got talked into participating since there were so few entries;

The fabrics were leftovers from working on the Paula Nadelstern quilts--easier to use them than put them away and dig out something else.  The title is Still Crazy After 25 Fun Years--25 characterrs in the title.  25 silver 1" squares, 25 pieces in the sashing/borders, 25 pieces in each of the 4 star blocks, and it's 25" square.   It won 2nd place in the category--not bad until you know there were only 3 entries in that category!  Didn't do it to win, just to support the guild with an entry--always fun!

Yesterday I got the Peacock Love quilt back from the quilter so today I hope to add the binding, sleeve and label so I can give it to the lovebirds. Photos soon.

I've also been working on my Just Takes 2 blocks--one applique' yet to finish--and in early July we should get the next step for putting the second quarter blocks together and adding them to the first quarter unit--which means the quilt will be half-done!

Second quarter blocks so far

Like most of you, it's hot here so time to pick more blackberries for the freezer and another cobbler!  After mowing the yard this afternoon, I hope to get that binding in place.

Stay cool and let's quilt!



  1. Hi Barbara. I don't think we have formally met. I joined the guild a little over a year ago when I moved to Huntsville in order to meet people. I am also a fairly new quilter and so this was actually my first challenge to observe. I too was a little disappointed at how few entries there were given the large membership of the guild. I did not enter because I 'didn't get it". Now I know what a challenge entails. I did love seeing how each entry depicted the theme in such a different way. Also, since the prizes and goodie bags for entering were so nice maybe there will be more response next time :0) I am interested in the block exchange, will e-mail you via the FB group about that.

    1. Great, Melissa! Welcome! Our guild has so much to offer quilters of all skill levels, but it can be hard to make friends in a large group. The block exchange will be a good way for smaller groups to form for support and friendship.

  2. Yay, Barbara! It was a lovely piece! I loved the blues and purples ... especially the purples! I didn't even try to incorporate 25 into anything. Except for maybe the 25 weeks it took me to figure out what I was going to do?! LOL!! Like Melissa, I was really disappointed with how few people participated ... we have so many talented quilters in our group!! :)