Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Spellbound for Houston

What a nice surprise to get the "Congratulations" email, that Spellbound will be joining many other Blue and White quilts in Houston this Fall, to help celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the International Quilt Festival, the Sapphire Celebration. She is nestled in a box and safely in Houston right now:

This simple but striking pattern is from Debbie Maddy at Calico Carriage Quilt Designs. I have taught it to a large group of students and they enjoyed making it too. Being organized is a must, there are 3 different sizes of strips to cut.

The SAPPHIRE CELEBRATION is sure to be as wonderful as the Ruby Jubilee was, 5 years ago. I hope you are making preparations to join us, October 31-November 3, 2019, with Preview night October 30. Find more information here: IQF Houston Show Information

I may be a bit lest "bloggy" in the next month or so--there are three working trips in the next 5 weeks: Kansas City for Spring Market, Austin/Victoria, TX and Ft Myers, FL, all great trips that I am looking forward to. At the same time, our grandkids are moving back here in 3 weeks from St. Louis--so excited! AND I am in the middle of a very big project I must keep under wraps. So when home, my head is down and the (sewing machine) pedal is to the metal!

Let's quilt!



  1. Say Hi to my mom in Ft. Myers! There is a great quilt shop there, Quilt Lover's Hangout. Is that where you are going?

  2. Congrats, Barbara, that is wonderful. Hoping I can make Houston this year.... I love blue and white quilts.

  3. It is a stunning quilt--congrats!
    Wish I could do Houston. Would love to meet you and several other bloggers that I know attend, and see the Sapphire Celebration.
    Exciting to have the grandkids moving home!!
    Enjoy your travels.