Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Let's Look Forward!

During this tough time, it is easy to think of what we can't do. Seeing my grandkids is top on my list.

This month I had two travel jobs that went "poof"--one teaching for the Virginia Consortium of Quilters has been postponed two years. And the other, being one of the judges for the Lakeview Quilters Guild in Houston has not yet been rescheduled. And Spring Market--oh, I will really  miss not going to Spring Market!

But good times are coming back so let's look ahead.  It might seem strange to be thinking positively in this negative time, but that's how I roll.

How about taking a sea cruise with me? Some of you know I will be teaching on a week-long cruise to the Caribbean April 18-25, 2021. We will have a great time. If you want to get excited about something fun as well as educational, take a look at this short Video:

Scrappy n Happy! 

The good folks at Stitchin' Heaven really know how to run a Quilt Cruise--those who have sailed with them before have told me so. 

My class project was very well received a few months ago as I worked on it. You may want to purchase the pre-cut Kit available in limited supply. If you want to use your own fabric, you will receive cutting instructions in advance--come to the ship with everything cut out:

I have been on several cruises and really enjoy that way of traveling. To add "quilt teacher" to the itinerary is just that much more special.  The port I am most looking forward to on this trip is San Juan, Puerto Rico--my husband and I will take a tour of old San Juan.

Now is your chance to plan a great vacation where you will take two excellent quilt classes--for a year from now, when we can look back and say "do you remember when...?"

Here is the link to all the information you need. Register now so you have something exciting to look forward to:

Scrappy n Happy Quilting Cruise information

Only 90 students will get this chance. Come alone, you'll make friends quickly. Bring a quilt friend--sew and travel together. Bring a non-quilt friend, like a spouse--they get a discount since they won't be taking the quilt classes. There is so much to do on this ship, that person will be able to entertain themselves while you enjoy all our class time.

I hope my Bucket List trip is one of your Bucket List events too. Take a look, make your plans--a deposit will save your spot and get the ball rolling.

Let's quilt!


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