Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Spring in the Garden

Spring is such a pretty time in our garden. My husband works hard at it and his efforts really show. When he retired about 4 years ago he thought it would take "2 or 3 months" to get all the little chores around the house done. We all know that is a never-ending process.

So, enjoy some Spring--I have to get back to "Secret Sewing"--you're going to love it when I can show it to you!

Knockout Roses, Iris, Dianthus

Knockout Roses, Lorepetalum

Knockout Roses with Catmint in the foreground

Waterlilies and Iris at the pond

First Water lily bloom of the season--the fish survived the winter, as they always do
I love Irises and have to stop my husband from tossing them out
The new Barn Block he made as a surprise for me, 4 foot square
Blackberry vines beginning to flower--July they are so good

A bed in the front yard

Welcome, come on in--oh, yes, not yet...
Let's quilt.



  1. Hubby has done great :). Secret sewing? Hmmm....anxious to see :)

  2. pretty gardens. Oh you have a pond! I love ponds glad to hear the fish are alive and well. how often do you feed them? I've always dreamed of having a pond.

    1. Once the water warms up, I throw in a handful of food most days. They eat bugs and frog larvae so really don’t need to feed much. They are ordinary goldfish, not koi.

  3. Beautiful gardens and you're a tease! Lol!