Wednesday, April 22, 2020

What Not To Do

The other day I talked about the latest Quilt of Valor I am making: Red, White and Blue. I mentioned I had caused myself to have to do partial seams.

I was asked where the partial seams are in my complicated layout.

While it may be hard to see, the star rows do not go all the way across the quilt so I have to set the solid squares in, using partial seams. While not exceptionally difficult, it’s not as fast or easy as sewing straight rows is.

So, under “What Not To Do”: don’t take a simple design and make it really complicated. If I had used the original layout from the pattern, which I drew up in EQ8, it would have been so much easier to assemble this quilt in rows. Yes, there would be seams where all the star points come together but that would have been fine, she said, in hindsight. Keep it simple...

I drew this up while waiting to receive the pattern so was working from a photo. When I got the pattern, and studied it, I should have changed my plans, but no, I had to do it my way. Not very smart.  I am just going to chalk it up to “quilters quarantine” or “isewlation”.

My husband said “You over-thunk it”, and he is so right. I will get it done, then create and add the flying geese borders. The quilting will be fun—I have lots of time to think about that while making this top.

Let’s quilt.


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