Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Tidying Up

I did spend a little time clearing away the clutter in my studio and found:

The comfy chair

The rocking chair--and the top of this old table
 Now I will make a few more masks:

And quilt these 3 little quilts I unearthed:

I am still searching for the perfect idea for a Quilt of Valor, using the red, white and blue fabrics from Patriotic Pineapples. It might be a string quilt:

From Pinterest
 It might be Standing Strong, a design created for Quilts of Valor--instructions can be found at

Or it might be this string quilt, Blended Scraps Block, in red, white and blue, from She Can Quilt.:

Making this decision is holding me up so I will decide and start before the next blog post. Stay tuned...

Let's quilt.



  1. I love the Standing Strong quilt! I am going to get the pattern.

  2. Hi Barbara, I cleaned my sewing studio right after our retreat. Now it’s such a mess I have to start all over again! I have to admit, I sure don’t like cleaning, but the mess is kind of fun!

  3. I found the fact that you cleaned and found your comfy chair humorous. My husband will come to visit me in my sewing room and have to uncover a chair to find a place to sit. I thought I was the only one.

    1. Hardly, you are in good company. Every flat surface becomes a dumping ground for most of us.