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Here we are, back on schedule.

This pattern is the 2020 Block of the Month pattern offered FREE to Star members of The Quilt Show--join today to receive the entire year of patterns free. This is in addition to all the great content provided by The Quilt Show, 26 shows, a new one every two weeks, and so much more. If you want to know more about why I am such a fan, here is why.

This month we have 4 Applique blocks and 2 Shoo Fly blocks--unless your 9 total Shoo Fly blocks are already done.

Recently, I completed my Red, White and Blue Demo Quilt--with blocks I have used to prepare these blog instructions:

This month, two of the Applique blocks have narrow complete circles, which are not covered with any shapes that would hide a seam join. I had to figure out a way to make that circle without a seam.

Block 14 in my Demo Quilt:

I decided to hand applique this block so I would have one block in this quilt made completely by hand.

Using Cut-Rite Heavy Duty Freezer Paper, I printed the pattern and drew registration lines on the pattern:

Placing the white background fabric on top of the pattern, I used a mechancial pencil to make dots where the red berries go, and mark where the outer edges of each leaf go. For the circle, I drew a light pencil line in the middle of the 1/4" circle, so the pencil line would be covered by the circle:

Using scissors designed to cut paper, I cut out all the shapes:

The shapes were pressed to the wrong side of the fabrics. Notice the narrow circle is one complete circle:

 The circle is trimmed to just less than a 1/4" seam allowance and the inside curve is clipped almost up to the paper:

Using a light touch with the glue pen, the seam allowances were both turned and glued down--here is the inner circle glued:

I used Quilters Select 80 wt thread, the perfect color blue, to hand applique the edges, starting with the inner edge: 

Carefully, really carefully, I made a slit in the back of the white background fabric exactly in the middle of the circle. I spritzed that area with water and gently massaged the paper pattern out from behind the blue circle--that is why you use a light touch with the glue. The pattern came out in one complete piece:

The leaf pattern made a good edge to draw around--they were pressed to the RIGHT side of the blue fabric. I used a silver marking pencil to draw a line around the leaf shape. Then I removed the paper. The leaves were hand appliqued by needle turn. Some people like to keep the pattern in place, not draw a line with a pencil, and just turn the edge of the fabric under--just to the edge of the pattern. Whatever works for you, is the right method:

I used Karen K Buckley's Perfect Circle templates to make the berries and hand appliqued them in place too:

Block 16 has a very similar circle and that could be done with this method. I didn't make that one for my Demo quilt.

Here are the blocks from the Sample Quilt that uses the Kit Fabrics, made by the Sunday Sew & Sews. Feel free to use any of the fabrics you like:

Block 13
Block 14
Block 15
Block 16
Month 6 was released in the middle of March, instead of June 1, so anyone who wanted to could start making the 64 Double 9 Patch blocks while finding themselves home with time to do them.

We are starting to see great groups of blocks on the Forum--take a look and post your blocks there:  Show and Tell Your Blocks.

Let's quilt.


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