Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Doll Quilt Swap 2020

I mentioned a couple weeks ago how I was excited that I got in to an international doll quilt swap that I had admired from afar for a few years. Read more about that here: NeedleThimble and Thread Doll Quilt Swap 2020

The doll quilt I received just arrived--all the way from the Netherlands! Miranda Sol-van Paemel, @mirandasolvan, made this for me. Look at all the details and hand stitching. Miranda says this is she and her daughter and their dog from an earlier time, way back. What a unique design:

"Remember Me", 14" x 19" 

The labels on the back are Dutch Wooden Shoes--perfect!

The quilt and all the goodies that came in the package

An adorable cat pin cushion

Dutch Cinnamon Sticks--we used Translate to read all about these. So yummy, mostly cinnamon and sugar!

Great little scissors--these just might be air travel safe

A tiny tin and several lovely tea bags

We do not get to know who is making a quilt for us so it is a total surprise when the package arrives. In this time of Corona virus, I wasn't surprised the package took 24 days to cross the ocean--not too bad.

This was a wonderful swap and I am so glad I got in. Thank you to Christine of Needle Thimble and Thread on Instagram for creating this swap and being sure her rules are followed. I knew whatever I got would be wonderful. This surpassed my expectations. 

I encourage you to check out #ntatdqs2020  on  Instagram  to see photos of all the amazing doll quilts that were swapped--all hand quilted and made with the utmost care.

Let's quilt.



  1. What an adorable little quilt. I love hexies and the applique additions finished it off perfectly.

  2. That's beautiful. What a fun package to receive.

  3. Lifted my spirits reading this. Just wonderful!

  4. Well worth the wait for your doll quilt to arrive. I ordered a few small pieces of fabric through an Etsy seller and did not notice that the person was in Australia. My little package took much longer than yours to arrive.

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