Sunday, July 12, 2020

Doll Quilt Swap

I was fortunate to get into the Doll Quilt Swap organized by Needle Thimble and Thread on Instagram. see #ntatdqs2020 to see many beautiful little quilts being made to swap. Those who participated in the prior year get first chance to sign up for the current year and sometimes no one new is added. This year a few spots opened up and I was excited I got in.

The one I made for this swap is ready to take a trip in the mail to its new home:

18" square


Handquilting with wool batting is so easy!
The rules were simple:

1. Reproduction Fabrics, quilt shop quality
2. No smaller than 14" x 14", no larger than 18" x 18"
3. Handquilting only
4. Theme is "Remember Me"
5. Do your best--make something you would love to receive
6. In progress photos were required at specific times--the top in progress, the quilting in progress
7. Label including the theme "Remember Me", the name and  location of the maker, the maker's Instagram name
8. Keep to the deadline

As the quilt must be in the mail by August 1, 2020, I am within the deadline. I used 3" blocks from the Temecula Quilt Company's Stay At Home Sampler--it was free on Instagram in April. The blocks are still there should you want them. 

I will put a few little "goodies" in the package and get it to the Post Office on Monday. I hope the person I made it for likes it.

Swaps are popular but do have pluses and minuses. I have written about them several times before. Put swap in the Search box on the upper left of this page to find them.

Have you participated in a Swap? Was it fun and successful?

Let's quilt.



  1. Love it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Like your quilt :) 20+ years ago, I was active in a local guild and also with an email group of quilters, "mwquilts" (just text in the emails over main-frame computers, no photos - can you imagine! - we would sometimes send photos through regular mail of finished quilts :) ). I did swaps in both groups of either fabric, 6 inch 9-patch blocks (very popular), round-robins, 12 inch quilt blocks, contributing to a baby/birthday/etc quilt. I've previously read your article about swaps and experienced the same things, mostly about quality. Oddly, the email group overall had better quality than my local guild. I've also done swaps at a needlework retreat and it is the same - and yes, the two years I participated, I received what could be considered a 'dud' in return, but it's ok. I still use the jar topper on a candy jar and don't stress if people put their hands on it and the other hangs in my sewing room because the lady who stitched it has a beautiful soul and when I see it, I think of her in the most loving way (I think that perhaps cataracts caused the odd color choices). As long as you enter a swap for the social or fun aspect, all is good; which is how I always did. But I've known people who are *very* unhappy with quality or deadlines; I want to ask them "then why did you participate - you've done this before and know what happens...". I will still participate in some swaps, knowing that I may give more than I get, because in the end it's about sharing, friendship, and having a little fun.

  3. That is a wonderful little quilt. It will be very special to the recipient, I am sure.
    I have only ever done group swaps on pincushions or mug rugs. I have done individual one-on-one mini quilt swaps, and I have enjoyed them very much.