Saturday, July 31, 2021


 We are getting through these Tall Buildings quickly. This month they are getting bigger, as we work our way toward the Skyscrapers in the four corners:

Note the differences--the Left side has 6 windows and 2 tall, skinny doors. The Right side has 8 windows and 1 squatty door. As usual, I recommend you make each set of four separately. First, do the left, then do the right--or vice  versa. Just don't get all of them cut and mix them up.

Here are my friend Pam's in progress so I have something to show you:

The Tall Building #3 LS is complete. Notice that shadow is not dark, it's light. Use whatever fabrics you like as you construct your Tall Buildings.

The Right side in in progress--she will sew the bottom part of the Tall Building to the top part of the Tall Building,  then add the shadow on the Right side. Then all she needs to do is add the top part and this Tall Building #3 RS is done. 

I am often asked for the measurements of these Tall Buildings. It is simple to figure out. Start with an accurately printed pattern, meaning the 1" scale box is exactly 1". Use an accurate ruler and simply add up the FINISHED size of each section. Add .5" for seam allowance, top and bottom and you will know what size each Tall Building should be. If  you are measuring the SHORT side, the side the shadow is on, all you need to measure is the Shadow and the short side of the top part. 

Tall Building #3 LS and RS should be "about" 14.375" including seam allowances on the LONG side. The bottom edge, not accounting for the slight curve there, is 4.25" wide, including seam allowances. If yours is within 1/8" of these measurements, you'll be fine.

I will show this measuring process on the LIVE broadcast which will air Wednesday August 4, noon Central time. All LIVES remain available after they have aired. 

After these 8 Tall Buildings, we only have 8 more to go--Tall Building #4 LS and RS--coming up in September.  

Let's quilt.



  1. Barbara, I'm new to using The Quilt Show site. I found the BOM Forum but unable to find the video to get started, and the one for the first block. Can you give me the URL? Also, what is the name of the fabric used as a background and the manufacturer (so I can search for it at my local quilt shops, or find it in Houston at the quilt festival)? Frieda Pickett

    1. Be sure you are signed in as a Star Member. Go to LEARN/BOM 2021. All the monthly patterns are there along with an Introduction post that includes Fabric Requirements. The background fabric is several years old, by Marcia Derse, and you won't find it anywhere--once in a while the canvas version shows up but that is not quilting cotton. Each month there are Tabs--the first is Videos, then Patterns/Documents. Tab to the right to find the patterns. Be sure to print from a Downloaded copy on a computer, not a phone, and double-check the 1" scale box on all pattern pages.
      My blog provides monthly instructions--usually on the first of the month or the last of the preceding month.

  2. Barbara, I am confused about when i start stitching together the tall bldgs. I have them all done except October.

  3. You can start sewing the Tall buildings as soon as you know where you want to place them, based on their colors. Sew TB 1,2,3,4 Left or Right sides, then you will be ready to add a Little House in the City and a Skyscraper to either side when they get done.