Sunday, January 9, 2022

Big Sale for Local Friends

 Every few years I realize I have reached SABLE status: Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy. So I de-stash a LOT and get rid of as much as I am willing to part with at this moment in time. 

That big sale is happening in my home Thursday-Saturday January 13-15, 2022, 10-4. All local quilters in both local guilds have been invited. Those who have attended my sales in the past wouldn't miss it. Lots of great stuff, cheap. If you follow my blog and live within easy driving distance, you should COME! If you don't have my address, contact me--if you're a quilter and I know you or someone you know, you are invited. Here is some of it:



Lots More

Usually something precipitates this "urge to purge stuff". This time it was the addition of a large Ring Light at the place where I do my videos and LIVE broadcasts for The Quilt Show.

When I saw the interview I did with Alex Anderson a few weeks ago, it was clear her lighting was much better than mine. Jump to about 9 minutes and you'll see what I mean: 

My sons are "in the business", one is a professional photographer, one a professional videographer. I asked for their advice and each bought me a ring light as a Christmas gift. 

The large 18" one on an extendable pole stand was great. BUT--the legs of the pole stand had to go on the floor, not my sewing machine cabinet, and that floor was FULL of boxes. I knew those boxes had to move and one little job starts an avalanche...

I spent two weeks digging through those boxes, then all the closets, and took out all I am ready to part with. The first thing I did was sell a Singer Featherweight to a guild member. Last year I sold one and now I only have one left--"Ruby" the one I bought and had painted to commemorate the 2014 Ruby Jubilee Special Exhibit at International Quilt Market and Festival. She remains mine and I plan to bequeath her to Stella some day. My husband repurposed an old Singer sewing cabinet to hold her: 

It takes a lot of work and effort to make videos/presentations that look good and look like they are easy to do.

Maybe this will show how helpful the light is. Before, without the Ring Light on: 

After, with the Ring Light on: 

So, I appreciate the Ring Light--it does make my presentations look better. I really appreciate the push it made in clearing out some of my excess stuff. I know most of this stuff will find wonderful new homes with great quilters.

If there is anything really GREAT that doesn't leave, I will offer it to the rest of you, those who can't make the trip. Watch this space a week or two from now. 

And for the shoppers--there is a HUGE amount of FREE WITH PURCHASE stuff that just needs to leave--a lot are books from my friend Janet who passed away almost two years ago. No one wants to buy books now but there are really good ones here that should go somewhere else. And other stuff. 

I hope to see YOU this week! 

Let's quilt.



  1. Ah your lucky local friends. That box of African fabrics makes me wish I lived closer to you.

  2. I think it depends greatly on what the books are as to if anyone wants to buy them. Books that have great general information or are about breaking the "rules" (Nancy Crow, Gwen Marston, etc) are always on my radar. Books that are full of now out of style or not to my taste projects, not so much.

    It's a good thing you live too far away from me! I suspect either my fabric or book shelves may give up the ghost. Maybe both? But there's that quilter's estate sale this weekend up here... I may be in trouble anyway!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Alex! Very fun to hear your voice and get to hear you talk about some of your your quilts in the show at Houston! What a treat!
    Oh, my goodness, those who live near you are lucky to be able to come shop at your "purge"! :) Just from the photos you show us here, I know I would be digging in the batiks if I was there.
    How funny that both of your sons got you a light ring, but it is easy to see the difference it makes!