Sunday, May 28, 2023


 While sorting and clearing out things that need to go, I came upon these gorgeous garment fabrics I bought some years ago. Since there is little likelihood I will make anything with them, I am offering them to you. I hope you find something you love. I believe much of it is linen/cotton fabric.

 Prices do not include shipping, $12-20 for most packages, depending on weight. 

1. Gathered Back Top, includes pattern, almost 4 yards hand-dyed linen/cotton:  $25

2. Crazy Quilt Vest Kit, includes pattern, fabrics, floss and beads: $20

3. Misty Moonlight Kit, includes beautiful buttons. Wish I knew what I intended to make: $40 SOLD

4. Dark Periwinkle Blue 1.5 yards x 52" hand-dyed printed linen/cotton, 3/4 x 60" solid hand-dyed blue: $40--I paid $81 some years ago, the receipt was with it SOLD

5. White Silk, 2+ yards: $25 SOLD

6. Brown hand-dyed floral linen/cotton, 26" x 38": $10

7. Green hand-dyed linen/cotton, 20" x 56": $10 SOLD

8. Plum hand-dyed print linen/cotton, 24" x 54": $10 SOLD

9. Brown/plum floral hand-dyed linen/cotton, 24" x 52", $10

10. Plum hand-dyed linen/cotton, 33" x 52":  $15 SOLD

11. Maybe I saved the best for last: 100% Silk braids for garments or quilts:$8 each, there are 10 now

What I made with these a few years ago, mini log cabins, printed on muslin so there is no paper to remove, 12.5" square: 

If you WANT IT ALL, $275 and shipping will be no more than $35, Priority USPS mail. You have to be first to GET IT ALL!

There are still a few quilt fabric bundles available on my first SUNDAY SALE POST--find it HERE.

Let's quilt.



  1. kattailquilts....KathyMay 29, 2023 at 8:13 AM

    Has anyone purchased the lot? I would love it!!! Paypal?

    1. Kathy--I can't reply to your comment by email. Please send me an email, link in Contact Me above. I need your address and will give you the total due for PayPal. Thanks!

  2. I would like 5,7,8 and 10. for PayPal 35771.