Sunday, March 17, 2019

I Love Flying Geese

Still on the hunt for my Next Lifetime Quilt, I am considering Flying Geese--I really love that shape.

NEQM by Mary Kelleher
 This one is unusual in that there are no bars separating the rows of geese. I do love that there are light geese and dark geese flying all together, and a wide variety of "sky" fabrics, both light and dark.

Here is one with the bars:

From Ebay
And another antique, seen on Martha Gray's blog, Q is for Quilts, and used with her permission:

A pattern that uses lots of geese is Wild Goose Chase. This would take some planning as a Leader/Ender quilt but it would work:

From Ebay
Flying Geese are also the Star Points units used in Sawtooth Stars:

Civil War Homefront from The Blue and The Gray by Etherington and Tesene
But since I made a bunch of Sawtooth Stars during Barbara Brackman's Stars in a Time Warp year-long project, I may be over that:

The biggest problem for me in using Flying Geese as a Leader/Ender project is that I like to make four geese at once, I even have a tutorial above that shows how I do it and how I oversize and custom cut.

I want to use the 2" strips I have leftover from the First Lifetime Quilt. I could do that if I was willing to make Flying Geese from one rectangle and two squares. I tried it just to see and I am just not a fan of this method. But it would work:

So, still on the hunt for the pattern I want to invest the next few years to.

Thoughts, kind friends? Do you love Flying Geese?

Let's quilt,



  1. I do love flying geese! I just put a quilt on a bed here that I made years ago. I posted on IG and will add to a blog post this week.
    I adore your SIATW medallion quilt.

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  3. Geesh - that's what you did on your last photo. You should erase that first comment of mine - lol. I have used the four in one method, but stopped at the first stage of the process and made quite a few of them to this point. Cut and pressed them and them pulled out my bag of 2" squares and sewed them on the blank corners to finish up the four flying geese. This made me 1" by 2" finished geese with quite a bit of variety.

  4. I love flying geese, but don't always love making large bunches of them at a time. But what a classic look. The third quilt you posted here really captured my attention. But I have also always loved Wild Goose Chase. But I do think that the Geese would take more thought as a leader/ender project than something else might. You have come up with some good possibilities lately for your next "lifetime" project. I will be interested to see where this goes from here. :)

  5. FG are my favorite "block" since they can stand alone or be "the parts" of other blocks (like Sawtooth Stars as you noted). The very first block I tried making as a quilter was a FG because I saw Billie Lauder demo your method -- what people generally call the "No Waste FG Method" -- on Simply Quilts back in the day. Now my go-to method is Quilt In A Day's "Triangle Pieced Rectangle" method or what I like to call the "Two Squares" method.

    Like with Sawtooth Stars, maybe another block using FG will fulfill your Lifetime Quilt dreams. There are many: Louisiana, Colorado, Illinois just to name a few so maybe a FG Block sampler may be a project option.

    P.S. Enjoyed your Quilt Show segment!

    1. Vivian, I saw the same Simply Quilts show with Billie too--love shortcuts like that. So glad you enjoyed the show, thanks!

  6. I love FG too and like you prefer to do the No Waste Method. Must look up the Billie Lauder show and see what the 2 block method is. I prefer them without sashing, but think I'm in the minority on that.

  7. I love the look of flying geese, but they are not my favorite to make :). Like Judi M, I liked how it looked without the sashing, especially for a scrappy quilt. To be truly no waste, you would have to do them with triangles, but that is so much of sewing bias together!