Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Lakeview Quilters Guild

Recently, I had the pleasure of teaching for the Lakeview Quilters Guild in the Houston area.

Class was  held Sunday at Teos Treasures:

 This was the class: a Double Sawtooth block:

Michelle did great with her simple, yet beautiful, palette:

 End of day progress report, student work:

 I got to visit quilt shops I have heard of but never got to visit, like
Pinwheels and Posies:

 I bought this an am eager to make it:

 And Painted Pony:

 Great classroom:
 Samples/patterns displayed overhead--lovely and easy to see:

The wonderful President, Jonnie, took me to Galveston Monday, a place I have wanted to visit. First stop, a must if you are in Texas:


Best bathrooms anywhere in the world:

And no trip to TX would be complete without great food:

Rudy's BBQ
Oyster Po' Boy, Black Pearl, Galveston
Monday night was the Lecture, Time Management for Quilters. There are always good comments afterwards and emails continue to come in when quilters try some of the tips they hear at that lecture. Some students showed off their class blocks:

I sleep well in hotels with my quilts on the bed:

Thanks, members of the Lakeview Quilters Guild--I had a good time and am already looking forward to the return visit next year.

Let's quilt!



  1. How fun. I love how you show the student's individual progress. Isn't Lakeview Quilt Guild Sue Garman's home guild?

    1. Yes,Sue, it is Sue's home guild--I was honored to be there and felt her presence everywhere I went. Her daughter,Jenny, as at the meeting and we got to chat a bit.