Sunday, March 3, 2019

Join the Audience

Now it is your turn to watch my show on The Quilt Show. Join the Audience:

For this week only, March 3-March 10, 2019, if you are not a Star Member, please use this link to watch show #2405--lovingly referred to as "My Show":

Show # 2405--My Show

Usually, only Star Members can watch the current show. Membership costs $49/year and I have written many times about why I think this is quilt money well-spent--check this out if you need to be convinced:

What The Quilt Show Offers You

There are always 4 FREE shows available for Basic Members to watch. These help you see all the content you can expect on the one-hour shows that premiere every two weeks. To become a Basic Member, you Join Free and create a profile. You can always become a Star Member later--go to Shop and Purchase a Membership.

PLEASE feel free to share this blog post with the link to every quilter you know. It is a great way to see what The Quilt Show offers and they might learn something. At least I hope they will have a laugh or two. Quilting should be fun!

Let's Quilt,



  1. Thank you for gifting us with the view of this episode. I've been quilting since 1986 and I learned a few new things myself. What is the name of the tool you used to separate the chain piecing?
    It was so nice to learn the background of your prize winning quilts. Again, Thank you.

    1. Angie, it's a chain piecing thread cutter from Sunflower Quilts. There is a link to purchase them on the main page of show 2405--at the end of the page are links to lots of things seen or discussed on the show. it is a handy-dandy little tool.

  2. Thank you! I enjoyed watching this episode.

  3. Thank you for the video link. It was great to hear your voice and I really like your style! I will look for you in Houston this fall - I am booked and I'm finally going!