Sunday, February 23, 2020

A Little of This...

A Little of That...

I've been working on several projects. Here is my Afternoon Delight "Demo Quilt"--the blocks I have made to write blog posts to use this year:

There are two more borders to go, a narrow blue, then a wider red. Next week.

I was able to finish this top because I got the last applique block done, #27 that will appear in September. The method is needleturn by hand for the red shape and I used Karen Buckley's Perfect Circles method for the 5 blue circles;

My hand applique needle turn is a little rusty but finished is better than perfect and I am satisfied with this overall.

Patriotic Pineapple is half done--here are 40 8" blocks:

The Creative Grids Pineapple Trim Tool works very well. The directions are pretty clear and there is a video on their website if you need more help.

I make one change to the pattern. After adding the 6th round, a dark, I use Half Square Triangles for the four corners. The squares are cut 3", then cut in half on the diagonal.

This works well because:

1. It saves time--only one seam on each corner instead of two

2. It eliminates a tiny little itty bitty triangle in the outer corners.

3. It puts straight of grain on the four corners--a real help with a block that has lots of bias edges.

I've been accused of being very organized and I admit to that. My motto is "I want the fastest method that gives me the result I want". Over the years I've been working on this quilt, I cut strips the sizes needed and put them in baggies. Now that I am hard at work getting it done, it is great to have all those fabrics ready to go.

I use 1.5" wide strips for the 8" finished Pineapple block. My sizes:

Light  Round 1   2.5"                   Dark Round 2   3.5"
Light  Round 3    4"                     Dark Round 4   5"
Light  Round 5    5"                      Dark Round 6   6"

The center squares are cut 2.5" and those outer triangles come from 3" squares, cut in half.

I make two or four at a time, laying out each with a variety of strips from the baggies, trying not to have repeats usually. You could plan it with less variety.

Here are the two final rounds ready to add to two blocks--this is Light Round 5 and Dark Round 6:

While working on these quilt tops I have been designing a couple new samples, using many four-patches I've made over the years as "leader/enders". Read my Time Management Tips for more about that process.

The second of these is almost done:

I showed the first one last week, made with mostly reproduction fabrics:

There are a few more layouts I want to play with using the endless bin of 2" four-patches. Stay tuned...

And I finally drafted a new pattern I am eager to make. Here is the teaser:

Last reminder--there is ONE SPOT LEFT FOR RETREAT--due to an unexpected cancellation. If you want to join us, please contact me right away. Final payment will be made soon and we won't add anyone after that. The Goody Bag is packed and ready for YOU.  See This Post for more info and a link to even more info.

Let's quilt.



  1. Squares in squares...I like it! Your Afternoon Delight is just lovely. I will enjoy watching it progress! You've always got so much going on ... it's inspiring! :)

  2. I hope to start Afternoon Delight later this year, it is fun seeing some people working on this one. I'm glad I have the pattern

  3. Love it all, Barbara! From the Afternoon Delight to clear through to your new design (love chains in quilts).
    Smart move to use the triangles on the corners of the pineapples. One day I hope to make a pineapple quilt with regular sized blocks (as opposed to 2"). :)
    Yours is gorgeous!

  4. Yes your are well organized...and it sure pays off in the end. Beautiful quilting as always.

  5. Barbara, I just love the red, white, and blue of your Afternoon Delight quilt. I'm working on this too, but am only in the beginning of February. I've been making quilts for 20 years, but it never ceases to amaze me how much there is to learn. I'm loving the applique blocks. And I'm enjoying digging through my scrap bags. This really is great fun...Carol-CHQuilts