Sunday, October 18, 2020

Class Finish!

 In early March 2020, I began a two-part class, Antique Rose Star By Machine, at a local quilt shop. The second session was scheduled for late March and that did not happen. It has taken until now to be able to offer that second session.

Three of the six students came and there was a lot to show and tell. One, Vicky, finished her queen-size top and is hand quilting it. She found a pattern called Interlocking Hexagons from Marti Michell that provided a good sashing option for these large Rose Star blocks:

Vicky's blocks show how fabric selection will effect the look of the blocks. Do you see Stars or Flowers?:

Donna is making this quilt as a graduation gift. She wanted to try several layouts to see the different looks and to see which will be the easiest. 

This option uses equilateral triangles between the blocks, which are still in half:

This option places the blocks edge to edge: 

With a Hexagon quilt, each layout will require either half-blocks or filler triangles or rectangles, or other odd shapes to fill out the outside edges--unless you want to have an outside edge that is all zig zags--none of us favored that option.

Ann was not able to make the first class but her friend did and gave her the handout. Ann cut her fabrics into the pieces required before this class. I walked her through the sewing process. In about two hours she was well on her way to her first block:

Every time I teach this very popular class, all I want to do is rush home and start making more of these blocks! I do have a very small one under construction, with blocks that will finish to 9.5" vs. the 18" blocks made with the 3" template. What a difference! I love the itty-bitty little blocks:

My class sample was made from a 2 3/8" template and it is still one of my favorite quilts. It features a sashing between all the blocks, half blocks on the two sides, and filler fabrics along the top and bottom. This one I hand quilted with Big Stitch:

I am glad these students were able to get back to their quilts and look forward to seeing their finished projects.  

I have a section of Antique Rose Star quilts on my Pinterest board, Designs for Quilts. Find it here: Antique Rose Star.  This old pattern has been around for many years but is seeing new life with today's fabrics and fast techniques. I look forward to teaching this class many more times. Guilds love it and a lot is accomplished in one all-day class.

Let's quilt.



  1. Beautiful quilt! One of my small groups with my guild has recently started back up again via Zoom to continue sewing quilt we had started. So nice to get excited about a project again!

  2. I adore this block! And I really think whether one sees flowers or stars depends on the fabric choices! I saw both, depending on the fabrics! Great class; I know your participants enjoyed it! :)

  3. It is a really pretty block/quilt.
    Wonderful that you were finally able to meet again.
    Like Denise, I saw both flowers and stars, depending on the value placement of the fabrics.

  4. Flowers or stars ... both are lovely! I will have to try this version at some point in time.
    Using the same template, I made a scrappy version that you can see here on my blog:

  5. Just had a super workshop in Asheville! Wonderful directions and enthusiasm for both the design and the technique. Barbara empowers her students no matter what their level! Many thanks!