Wednesday, October 14, 2020

So Much Stuff

 The "abundance of riches" that is my quilt Studio has begun to overwhelm me, again, so I have begun to do a deep purge again. So far, all I've been able to do is sort through some of the furniture that is storage and I have found plenty of things I didn't know I had. And since I didn't miss it, it can go.

First, I started with a large container of Batik fabrics, mostly fat quarters and half yards. A friend who loves Batiks asked me to keep her in mind if I had any I was going to part with. 

A quick count showed it came to at least 40 yards, and it filled a large tote bag to the brim:

An email to her got a quick response: $200 SOLD!

I also knew it was time to sell one of the 3 Featherweights I  have. Not the one I had painted Ruby Red, to celebrate my Ruby Jubilee quilt, that one stays in the family and I hope Stella will want it some day. A 1951 in great condition was the choice. The Sunday Sew and Sews were offered it first by email, and in moments it had found a new home, $400 SOLD!

With those items taken care of, I just started going through every drawer, every shelf, every flat surface that accumulates STUFF and have filled a few boxes with discards that will go to students visiting this weekend and the Sunday Sew and Sews in November. 

The very best stuff will be available for my next "invitation only" sale, that will happen sometime before this year is over--if COVID permits.  First, I need time to sort the 20' x 9' x 3' deep closets. Having done that a few times before, I know how much time it will take. But I am always so glad when it's done. Stuff I don't need can go to others who will be happy to get it. 

Just seeing how much neater and cleaner this small table is, makes me happy. And every shelf on the bookcase has been cleaned up and sorted out:

I would much rather spend my time creating quilts and there are quite a few waiting to be quilted. But this task has to take priority now. 

Soon, there will be Facebook Live presentations to make, showing the 2021 Block of the Month quilt for The Quilt Show. That's what determined this space needs some "tidying up"--boy, is that putting it mildly. The closets can wait--no one can see into them at the moment.

So, while my design wall waits, I'll be cleaning up.

Let's quilt.



  1. Nothing like Bargain Basement prices to get us all excited! The clean-up does nothing for us though .... Lol!

  2. Someday I'll attempt a cleanup again. Last attempt with garment fabrics wasn't such a success as I could still "see" what I had intended to make. Even though I have no need for those items since retiring, I still wasn't ready to let them go. What you've gotten done looks great (a bit envious of the batiks your friend got though!) - please keep posting your progress, I can use all the inspiration I can get to let some fabric & patterns go!

  3. Not too long ago ( well time flies) I enjoyed one of your sales. Those fabrics ended up in a beautiful quilt. It was the last one mom got to cheer me on with before traveling on to heaven. It leaves me with beautiful memories of our quilt pattern chats. Thanks for adding to my memories.

  4. Love the IDEA of cleaning out my quilting stuff! And I see so many new ways to distribute my stuff now days! Will keep this in mind!

  5. I am expecting a friend tomorrow, so, I have spent the last 3 days getting ready! It's been on my to-do list, however, no big push. Now I can't wait to begin my next quilt.

  6. I go back and forth on "cleaning out". LOL! You know better than most where my tendencies lie! I'm so excited for the big announcement!! :)