Wednesday, October 21, 2020

New Beginners

 Having taught beginners the basics of quiltmaking for more than 30 years. it is always fun when a class finishes and everyone is still in attendance. And they have quilts they like. And they say they learned a lot. My goal for EVERY student, in every class, is that they learn more than they expected to learn. Tips that will stay with them on their quilting journey.

Learn the Basics--Fast and Fun! I designed this class for the real beginner, but with interesting tips and tricks that the self-taught quilter would enjoy. This class had both of those kind of students. Ta-Da!:

Meet the class:

Diane, has been quilting for 3 years but wasn't satisfied with her results. She learned a lot of tricks and was thrilled with her piecing improvements. She made TWO Halloween quilts she will finish and donate to the NICU/Children's hospital:

Melissa has the outer border yet to add, life got in the way this week, and she has a beautiful quilt just right for a little girl:

Lou Ann is a friend of Melissa and she learned how to play with color, another great quilt for a young lady:

Marty is an enthusiastic new quilter and I see him really moving along in his quilting. He loved his fabrics and the process so much he is making 20 blocks, not 12, and found the grid fabric in the sashing to be a challenge to cut straight, one layer at a time, but well worth the effort. I look forward to seeing this quilt finished: 

I am always so happy to have a young student, we need to pass on our passion for quiltmaking to those coming up since none of us will live forever. Gina made this adorable quilt for her young daughter who told her when the blocks were made she didn't want it. Now that it is all together, young daughter has changed her tune and looks forward to Mom getting this finished for her:

Gina even "fussy cut" the cornerstones with motifs from the fabric--great job!:

Now, it is time for them to quilt, bind and LABEL these quilts. How about: "My First Quilt". Or  "In the time of COVID". Or "On My Way". Whatever they call their quilts, I just hope they keep going and make more. 

Let's quilt.



  1. What a fun class full! And lots of talent; they've each created a beautiful quilt. Well taught, Barbara!! :)

  2. Hmmm, they must have a great teacher to create these beauties! Kudo to all, inc. the teacher!

  3. Those are great finishes for beginners, Barbara. I know I would have been proud--and you should be, too. :)