Sunday, April 4, 2021

Fabrics and Book Sale

 I decided to do a GIVEAWAY of excess supplies and that will happen soon. Local friends and students will be notified when they can "come and get it"--lots of stuff to dispose of, so I can close the closet doors again. 

As you might imagine, it takes time to sort, organize and DECIDE what can go. 

In the meantime, I found these truly great things that need a new home but are too valuable to me to give away. And since my locals always get to come to my sale, this time I thought I would offer these items to YOU first. 

US Shipping only, international would just be outrageously expensive.

Shipping will be $15-20 depending on size of the box and will take as long as it takes--no guarantees any more from the US Postal Service.

SOME GREAT BOOKS: $10 each except as noted

SOLD B1 Truly a favorite 

B2 Love the quilts in this book and  have made several

B3 I taught beginning quilters with this book for a while 

SOLD B 4 Love his style

B 5 A Classic from the beginning of rotary cutting days

SOLD  B 6 Includes the CD with all patterns

SOLD B 7 Make your own Medallion quilt

SOLD B 8 Still not this insane

SOLD B 9 Includes Pineapple Trim Tool Ruler $15 Total

SOLD B 10 My all-time favorite quilt book every quilter needs--this is my 3rd copy

ORIENTAL FABRICS--priced as marked:

        SOLD F 1      8 fat quarters $12

SOLD  F 2      24 fat quarters pre-washed $40


SOLD F 3      4 fat quarters--see below for back side $6

F 3     Back side of packet shown above

SOLD F 4      4 fat quarters $6
F 5     4 fat quarters $6

SOLD F 6     28 fat quarters $49

SOLD F 7     13 fat quarters $20 see below for other side and edges of complete package

F 7     Other side of 13 fat quarters package shown above

F 7    Edge of package above showing all 13 fat quarters

SOLD F8   6 One Yard Pieces. $40--see below for back of packages

F 8     Back of packages with 6 one yard pieces

SOLD F 9      Six 1/3 yard or larger pieces, Over 2 Yards  $12

SOLD  F 10    Six 1/3 yard or larger pieces, Over 2 Yards $12

SOLD F 11       Six 1/3 yard or larger pieces, Over 2 Yards $12

F 12     One Yard $6

SOLD  F 13     3 one-third yard or larger pieces of same fabric, one yard total $6

SOLD  F 14       10 Half Yards, some are woven, beautiful hand to these fabrics $35

SOLD  F 15      4 fat quarters Pre-washed $6

To purchase, COMMENT BELOW with the numbers of items you want to purchase--NOT ON FACEBOOK. You must provide an email address so I can send an invoice for PayPal. Local people, no shipping, contact me privately to arrange pickup.  

Don't worry--I have kept tons of books and fabrics--much more digging out to go--watch for GIVEAWAY post in the future. 

Let's quilt.



  1. I would like to buy the F6 fat quarter bundle. My granddaughters live in Huntsville and could pick up for me.

  2. May I please purchase the Farmer's Wife Book? B6. Thank you.

  3. I would like B9.
    Thank you very much,

  4. I could give a good home to F7,F6,F4,F3,B8 and B1 I will also send an email.

    1. All but F6 are now SOLD to you. Will send email soon.

  5. I would like to purchase B4 and B10 if they are still available. Thanks! Amanda

  6. I would love F9, F13, and F15, Barbara! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. I didn't leave my email--just assumed you had it, but here you are.

    2. Thanks, Janet, I do have your email. Message just sent.

  7. F1 and F11 if they are available.

    1. Great, they are both yours. Let me know when you would like to pick them up.

    2. You are a No-Reply blogger--please send me an email.

  8. Replies
    1. It is yours. Please send me an email as I can't contact you here.

  9. Hi Barbara, If you haven't sold the book "Nearly Insane" I would be interested, however I am in Canada, in the province of Alberta, postal code T6M 2N8. Perhaps check the price of shipping and let me know. Note that my email address is now , thanks, Bernice Aebly

    1. Shipping would exceed $30 so not reasonable, which is why I can't ship internationally. So sorry.

  10. Hi Barbara, I would like to purchase B1, B8 and F8. My email is

    Thanks so much.

    I am just starting the BOM Color my world (I just purchased it last week) and am so grateful for all your helpful instructions.