Sunday, April 25, 2021

Love Beginning Quilters

 I just finished teaching a 3 week Learn to Quilt--Fast and Fun class locally. We had 11 students, about half of whom were totally new to quilting. The class was  held at Sweet Home Quilting.

My sample gives you the idea--simple 9-patch blocks, the basics of Cutting, Sewing and Pressing, and then how to assemble a quilt top, and the basics of how to complete the quilt, whether you want to quilt it yourself or "quilt by checkbook"--i.e., pay someone to quilt it for you:

Approx. 38" x 48"

The students who attended the last class are on their way:

Mother/Daughter team Tori showing hers

Tori showing her mom's Inez

Kim is making a bed size for her son

Pat was told what colors to use for this baby quilt

Shelia made great strides in class

Joyce loves playing with bright fabrics

I can always tell a class is successful when the students all say "What's your next class?" I showed them several options I am thinking of offering in a couple months and there was great interest. Love to see the excitement in a new quilter as she realizes "I can DO that!"

Let's quilt.



  1. Congratulations and welcome to a whole new world, new quilters!

  2. Good job everyone. Would love to see your smiles, but Mask on! Mask on! You must have had a great teacher.

  3. It is so nice to see that covid is not keeping people back. Thanks for taking that on.