Wednesday, August 17, 2022


 Just one more short post about Long Beach, showing my purchases.

As usual, I get thread from Superior:

It would be wise if I had a plan, or knew what colors I needed for upcoming quilts but I usually just buy some various types and colors. Here are OMNI and OMNI-V (variegated), Masterpiece, Bottom Line, and So Fine 50. Check out all their products and ALL the education they provide: Superior Threads

Walking past a booth that sold Singer Featherweights and supplies for them, as well as other things, I saw this Ideal Seam Guide. There are two in the package, a curved edge and a straight edge:

Thinking about working with Stella a few weeks ago, this seam guide will help her stay straight as she sews. I am eager to work with her again and will try it. 

It comes with the Ideal Seam Gauge, with a variety of seam sizes--place the needle in the hole for the size seam you want, then place the Ideal Seam Guide against the Gauge to get the perfect Seam Guide:

They also had a nifty new tool: Annie's Scissor Holder--designed and made by their granddaughter. It is the red thing in the photo above. Stick it on the side on your machine and you can easily keep scissors handy as you work. Very clever.

The company is Sew Very Smooth  They have great videos showing how to use their products. A very nice couple, definitely a family-run business, and I was glad to support them with my purchases.

That's it. As I have a sinful amount of fabric, and too much other stuff, I am trying not to add to my stash and studio. But we NEED thread, right? 

Let's quilt.



  1. Of *course* you need thread! How else would you be able to use that fabric stash?