Sunday, August 14, 2022


 The Education Team works to support Quilt Festival as we take care of the many Faculty who provide first class educational opportunities and help the students and attendees who might have questions. It's lots of fun and lots of work, but I enjoy it a lot. The Long Beach show is my favorite, thanks to the beautiful weather, and the close proximity to excellent dining opportunities. 

Here are some more fun photos of my week in Long Beach, CA.

The People--the Education Team who worked this show, in our daily garments. We came from TX, FL, CO, and AL:

Vicki, Barbara C, Barbara B, Jill, Melissa, Cassie

Breakfast and lunch is usually a protein bar. But come dinner time, we eat really well. The FOOD:

Island Burgers Beach Bowl with grilled fish

King's Fish House

Tequila Jack's

Island Burgers Chop Chop Salad

Gladstone's Seafood Linguine

Yard House


Boardwalk at Shoreline Village

The Hyatt in the background and the Yard House

Blooming Bird of Paradise at Island Burgers--we only get them here from a florist

Sunset on the walkway Bridge across the highway

And finally, a Sunset Selfie--Melissa took a good shot of us all after dinner one night: 

Traveling isn't as easy at is used to be, sleeping well in a hotel isn't easy either, but I love being part of the Education Team and we had a great week. I will see them again in Houston.

Besides being met by my husband at the airport, I was welcomed home on the highway by this beautiful and very long rainbow, the perfect end to a great trip:

Up next, LONG BEACH -- PART THREE, showing my purchases.

Let's quilt,



  1. Beautiful pictures! No wonder you love it so much. The show is fortunate to have you and your staff.

  2. Long Beach is a beautiful area! Fabulous place to visit. Looks like you had a great time making things even better for attendees!